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Quiet The Thief – The Fate Of Elision.

There are two points to consider on this fine EP The Fate Of Elision, the brand new release from Stoke based Quiet The Thief. One is what the title means and most importantly, who has spiked their oatcakes to get them to write heavier songs? This fierce five track opus …

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Mojave Lords – Unfuckwithable

With a cast of infamous characters that reads like a short who’s who of the California desert rock scene, Mojave Lords are a lake of fire indeed. Featuring core members David Catching, Kevin Richey, Brian O’Connor, and Joey Castillo, the band has released an aggressive ten song debut, neologically dubbed …

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Queens Of The Stone Age – …Like Clockwork

Emerging from a bout with depression, Josh Homme and his Queens Of The Stone Age released their latest, …Like Clockwork, in the summer of 2013. A hungry, eager audience snapped the ten-song disc up, for good reason: it’s catchy, it’s moving, it’s impulsive, it’s sensual, and it’s production is flawless. …

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