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Swedish Death Metal – The PlanetMosh Playlist

Like most music subgenres, Swedish death metal is fairly homogenous. It’s one of the finest kinds of intragroup similarity though: adequate musicianship, fueled by supremely aggressive guitar tones bolstered by the rest of the band, not overpowered by it. This list is meant to bring that sound in your ears. …

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[prank] A Compendium of Iris’s Short Reviews

2015 is fun. Here are some ‘Twitter’ Reviews by Iris North The gist: Very freely associate words and phrases with whatever comes to mind first, based on the prompts. Adrenaline Mob – Dearly Departed EP: They’re cursed. Aptly named! Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches – Salem’s Wounds: Gospel?! *gasp* Metal …

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The Dagger – The Dagger

The land with the most heavy metal bands per capita, Sweden, is at it again – unleashing new band The Dagger, comprised of former Grave and Dismember death metal inmates, on an eager listening public. The Dagger’s ten-track eponymous debut has a warm, inviting tone and a pleasing, “retro” or …

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General Surgery – A Collection of Depravation

Legendary Swedish goregrind outfit General Surgery have recently re-signed to Relapse Records and their first offering is this compilation featuring a uber 30 tracks titled ‘A Collection Of Depravation’ which was released on the 27 March 2012 ‘A Collection Of Depravation’ a collection that assembles nearly two decade’s worth of …

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