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Altus – ‘Altus’ EP

Altus EP Artwork

Altus formed in Belfast at the end of 2012 and have been a hard working band since June 2013.  This is their second EP, recorded and mixed by Jonny Munro (of local hardcore heroes Gacys Threads) at his Bearcat Studios in the city. With this release, Altus have made a …

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Icons – ‘Lifesigns’ EP

Icons - Lifesigns Artwork

Let’s start this review with a little insight into the life of a (voluntary) music journalist… Like everyone else who writes for PlanetMosh, this reviewer has a day job.  Writing is a hobby, and we all do what we do for the love of the music we love – namely …

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Alexis Kings – Keep It Sexy

Keep It Sexy is the offering of St. Albans rockers Alexis Kings, released on March 11th through digital download. After hearing the single “1972”, I was quite impressed with the energy and general style of the track. It’s very Kings of Leon with the swagger of Arctic Monkeys which may …

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Animus – Fall Of The Elite

Animus are a new Scottish “progressive metal band who draw influences from Djent, Tech, and Death metal bands.” On the cusp of their maiden tour, Animus, widely characterized as “Djent”, have released their nicely produced, four-song EP debut, Fall Of The Elite. They stick nicely to an extreme theme throughout …

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Automaton – Echoes Of Mount Ida

This debut three track EP from Athenians five piece Automaton is one which is unashamedly and proudly rooted in the drone doom tradition of bands such as Sleep and YOB, with the heritage of these acts seeping and flowing through every last second of the 33 compulsive minutes. With fuzzed-out …

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Suffering Hour – ‘Foreseeing Exemptions To A Dismal Beyond’

@planetmosh reviews the debut EP from Suffering Hour, out now on @tridroidrecords Hailing from darkest Minnesota, this debut EP from Suffering Hour (who were formerly known as Compassion Dies, for the trivia freaks out there), is a solid if somewhat basic old school slab of blackened thrash meets death metal. …

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Nomadic Rituals – ‘Holy Giants’

Nomadic Rituals - Holy Giants Artwork

Hailing from my native Belfast, Nomadic Rituals play sludgy doom so dark and dense it sounds like it has been buried deep in a peat bog a hundred or so miles south of the city and then dragged, slowly and inexorably, to the surface by a team of unsuspecting musical …

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Kill For Eden – ‘Living On Mars’ EP

Having released their excellent debut album in May – and despite vocalist Lyla D’Souza expecting her first child around the time of release – London quintet Kill For Eden aren’t hanging around with this hard-hitting triptych of an EP. The three songs are fiery and intense, filled with true rock …

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War Iron – Of Prophecy And Alchemy

True underground black metal bands used to pride themselves on a few things: sparse instrumentation, evil vocals, and what used to be termed “basement production”. True to form, but from 2013, we’re introduced to War Iron, a band from Ireland. Their EP, Of Prophecy And Alchemy, plods along in a …

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Superfecta – The EP

London’s Superfecta, formed in 2011, have released their debut EP, a four-song effort titled simply The EP. Drawing influence or ‘mojo’ from bands such as Soundgarden, Alter Bridge, Stone Temple Pilots, or Alice In Chains, the modern rock or nu-grunge band focuses each song on a different classic hook of …

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Bastions – ‘Bedfellows Part One: The Bastard Son’ EP

Bastions are a four-piece band who play unmerciless, in-your-face, hardcore which pulls very few punches and has even less pretensions in its ambition – which is to drive a hole straight through your chest, up through your neck (with the objective of getting this particular part of your anatomy snapping …

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Waves Like Walls – ‘Brain As A Weapon’

Waves Like Walls Artwork

What is it with fucking metalcore bands and references to water in their name?  It seems to be that one band picks a theme and every other mutha on the scene tries to come up with the least imaginative variation thereupon… While this German five piece may wish their name …

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Kashis – ‘I Welcome You’

Kashis Artwork

Northern Ireland’s Kashis originally planned to call this EP ‘The Monarchy Is Set To Kill’.  Now the lead off track, the former titular it is a pleasant blend of post-grunge, stoner and nu-metal which sets up the rest of the release nicely. ‘We Are The Blend’ has some beautiful, poppy …

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Destroyers Of All – Into The Fire

Rare is the band who grasps the concept of ‘storming out of the gate’ with a killer debut that meshes great musicianship, good songwriting, and top quality production. Portugal’s Destroyers Of All offer a left-of-center metal assault, combining technical proficiency with catchy riff arrangements and songwriting, to deliver an incendiary …

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Inhale The Fall – ‘Inhale The Fall’ EP

Inhale The Fall Artwork

Cork may be Ireland’s second city but it easily rivals capital Dublin as a hotbed of talent. The latest outfit to emerge from the south-west of the island, Inhale The Fall are a complete contrast to the more well known offerings at the darker, denser end of the spectrum which …

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Acolourfall – Eleven: Eleven

Hailing from the Nottingham/Derby area, young four piece acolourfall describe themselves as “an alternative/grunge-metal band” and assert their musical mission is to “bridge the gap between bands like Sevendust, Neurosis, Downset, Fear Factory, Deftones and a perfect circle”. This debut EP certainly displays most of those influences, and quite a few …

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Axecatcher – Sparks & Spears

Axecatcher are a trio from the town of Limavady, an otherwise innocuous and inoffensive town perched in the north west corner of jolly ol’ Norn Iron which most people tend to find only if they take the wrong turning on the road to the current so-called “UK City Of Culture”, …

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Serpent – ‘Fear’ EP

Serpent are a young – make that ridiculously so – thrash band from the historic market town of Cookstown (best known for its amazing sausages and having the widest high street in the British Isles!), in that part of Norn Iron known as being “west of the Bann”, and therefore …

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The Resistance – Interview with Jesper Strömblad

In 2010, In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad quit the band he had formed 20 years earlier, in order to, as he said myself, “fight my demons once and for all” – a reference to his battle with alcohol. Now, two years later, he is back and fighting fit, with a new …

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