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JEFF SCOTT SOTO: ‘The Duets Collection, Vol. 1’


The renowned US rock singer Jeff Scott Soto has announced the release of a new solo album, ‘The Duets Collection, Vol. 1’, which will be released on 8th October. A retrospective with a twist, it contains re-recordings of favourite songs from his career to date, but with the added bonus …

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Eric Martin interview

Eric Martin, best known as the singer with Mr Big, today (Wednesday August 12) embarks on his latest, rescheduled, UK and Ireland tour. PlanetMosh caught up with him to talk about his “neverending momma needs a new pair of shoes tour”, spending time in a cell in UK immigration, how he …

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Eric Martin – Ahoghill, Diamond Rock Club 03/08/2014

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Over the past half a dozen years or so, the Diamond Rock Club – nestled rather innocuously in the rolling hills of Northern Ireland’s ‘Bible belt’ – has extablished a reputation not only for being one of the best small venues in this part of the world but also as …

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Bloodstock Open Air 2013 Review – Saturday 10th August

Rather than start my day with a full on dose of metal, I pleasantly started it with a slice of medieval full contact battling. In the past the Viking battling had been a little on the soft side, wielding wooden swords and could get boring pretty quickly. Medieval battling on the …

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Avantasia – ‘The Mystery Of Time’

Originally founded in 1999 as a means for the then 21-year old Tobias Sammet to produce what he regarded the ultimate rock opera project – something which he apparently eventually drew a line under when he announced the end of Avantasia from the Wacken stage back in August 2011.  But, …

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Avantasia – Interview with Tobias Sammett

After apparently calling it quits two years ago, German power metal maestro Tobias Sammett delivered a pleasant surprise to his legions of fans when it was revealed that there would, in fact, be a new Avantasia studio album, ‘The Mystery Of Time’, which is being released at the end of …

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Interview with Eric Martin – Mr Big – September 2011

Planetmosh: Hi Eric, I’m Ant from Planetmosh. Eric: Hi We’re shaking our hands, centurion you may pass, cheetos and handjobs for my friends.   Planetmosh: Mr Big split up in 2002 before reforming in 2009.  What sparked the reunion? Eric:  I would say well, I was on the road in …

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