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Nick Walsh of Famous Underground Interview for PlanetMosh, March 2014

Here’s the interview portion of March’s Featured Band series in-depth reports, an interview with vocalist Nick Walsh of Canadian hard rockers Famous Underground. This was conducted in March 2014, by Iris North. Excerpts of the 69 minute chitchat follow: First off, I’d like to thank you for granting this interview, …

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Famous Underground: Nick Walsh, March 2014

Famous Underground‘s vocalist, Nick Walsh, has seen a lot of music come and go during the past 30-odd years. Traditional heavy metal and punk rock gave way to everything from glam to death metal. Right in the middle of heavy metal’s evolution, there were the industrial, power-pop, and grunge trends. …

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Famous Underground – Famous Underground

First of all, Famous Underground can pull it off live, and that’s something to admire about them. What you’re hearing on the album is what you’re going to hear live in concert. It’s not a manufactured ‘Autotune’ band. This is a monster group of heavyweights to watch. Plus, how can …

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