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Bonfire – The Devil Made Me Do It (new single/video)


Bonfire – The Devil Made Me Do It (new single/video) Bonfire, a band who have slipped passed my radar since I saw them give Judas Priest a very hard act to follow on tour in 1988 have just released a brand new single/video ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ from …

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Rammstein – Milton Keynes – Saturday 6th July 2019

I normally avoid arena and stadium gigs like the plague but if one band was going to change my mind, then it has to be Rammstein, especially as they are only doing one UK gig here in 2019. Tickets were bought last November and the last eight months have seemed …

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Legion Of The Damned – Malevolent Rapture,In Memory Of.

This is not a new release by Dutch band Legion Of  The Damned but a re-release of their debut album  Malevolent Rapture  ( they had 5 albums released  under their previous name Occult ) as a tribute to their ex- bassist Twan Fleuren who took his own life in May …

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