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Babymetal – Metal Resistance

They say it takes a lifetime to write your first album and 18 months to write the second. Given the overwhelming reaction to Babymetal’s self-titled debut, the pressure the girls, their backing Kami band and management would have been under to produce a second of the same quality must have bordered …

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Dragonforce – In the Line of Fire…Larger Than Live

If band positions on festivals were awarded based on soldiering on in the face of adversity, Dragonforce would have headlined Download moons ago. Loved and hated in equal measures across the UK, they’ve battled through lineup changes, the wrath of Machine Head and Trivium fans on 2007’s ‘Black Crusade’ tour and …

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Babymetal – Babymetal

People adore them, people despise them and some people don’t want to know about them because they’re still as confusing as ever. Whatever your opinion though, the bottom line is that Babymetal have been the most talked about band for the past 18 months and have surpassed everything we thought …

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DragonForce – Belfast, Limelight 2, 20/09/2014

Dragonforce in Belfast

Don’t you just love it when a “name” touring band pull into your town, picking up a local support along the way – most likely based on the philosophy that “well, they seem to have a bit of a following there, so they’ll do nicely”… only for the same opening …

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