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The Cult – Belfast, Mandela Hall – 6 March 2016

It had been quite some time since yours truly last descended the steps into the hallowed Mandela Hall…  almost exactly 18 months in fact.  And, as I stood outside the chilly Sunday night air awaiting my photographer, I could not help but note the eclectic nature of the hundreds of …

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The Cult – Hidden City

After a renowned career spanning over three decades, The Cult have released their tenth studio album, Hidden City, which hit the shelves yesterday (Friday 4th February 2016). Hidden City is the final chapter in The Cult’s rebirth trilogy, which includes Born into This and Choice of Weapon. As I embarked …

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Chainfist – Black Out Sunday (CD)

I’m a simple man truth be told. I’m not complicated, I’m not fussy (regardless of what my wife says) and Chainfist’s debut album, Black Out Sunday is a lot like me in that way. They claim that they play “metal that makes the world go round, your neck break and …

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