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Metal 2 The Masses Ireland, Semi-Final C – 29/04/2017

It’s April 29th 2017, the night of the biggest fight of the century. Expectations are high as to who will deliver the goods on the big stage as the combatants touch gloves and the bell rings. Yeah, it’s time for Dublin to decide what two bands will complete the final …

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Metal 2 The Masses Ireland – Semi Final B – 09/04/2016

The Metal 2 The Masses Ireland juggernaut rumbled into Fibber Magees in Dublin on Saturday night for the second of three semi-finals to determine the second third of the Final line up. PlanetMosh was there again to check out what went down and see who would step up to the …

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Metal 2 The Masses Ireland – Heat Two, 23/01/2016 – summary & interviews

With the buzz from last weekend’s electrifying night still raising hairs on the back of the neck, we descend on Fibber Magees for the second heat of Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Ireland. Tonight’s showcase features (once again) 5 acts from different ends of the metallic spectrum who are all …

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