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Killface – Interview – October 2015

A while ago I met up with four of the five members of Dublin Metal band Killface to discuss their upcoming album. Killface are a force to be reckoned with on the Irish scene, and if you’ve listened to any of their previous releases or have caught the band live, …

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Entombed A.D. – Voodoo Lounge, Dublin – 13/11/2014

It’s a filthy evening in Dublin after the remnants of Satan’s Squall had blown through the streets during the day. It’s been a few years since Entombed AD played and tonight is a beast of a line up that is guaranteed to slay. First up are our very own Killface …

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Perverting The Innocent – Dublin, Fibber Magee’s 27/09/2014

Perverting The Innocent festival poster

Nestled in an otherwise quiet side street off Dublin’s most famous thoroughfare, Fibber Magee’s is the watering hole of choice for a large proportion of the city’s metal community, as well as those of us from 100 miles or so further north venturing over the border on a frequent basis …

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Killface are ready for the Wacken Open Air Festival – Interview

PlanetMosh descended into the bowels of the Killface rehearsal studio to catch up with the guys to discuss their recent victory at the Wacken Metal Battle final that secured them a slot at this year’s 25th anniversary festival. Killface are a favourite here at PlanetMosh Team Ireland and we definitely …

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Killface – Interview

Derek Brady - Killface

Dubliners Killface have been kicking up dust on the Irish scene for quite a few years now, and even more so since the release of their acclaimed debut album, ‘Feeding The Dead’, at the end of last year. Having ventured south of the border recently to find out what all …

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Bloodstock M2TM Ireland Final – May 10th

Saturday 10th May was the final of the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses Ireland competition. So, while most people were at home watching the Eurovision (Gobshites), Fibber Magees was packed with metal lovers, coming to show their support for all the bands vying for a spot on the Bloodstock stage. …

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Coldwar + Overoth + Killface – Dublin, Voodoo Lounge 26/04/2014

Coldwar Dublin 2014

It’s good to get out of the country now and again, and so it was that I gladly accepted an invitation to forsake my normal Saturday routine of a late afternoon of premier local metal followed by an evening of avoiding the local smiks back in Belfast to head south of …

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Killface – Feeding the Dead

Behemoth: Any creature or thing of monstrous size or power. In other words, Dublin Band Killface’s album, Feeding the Dead. I wonder if I should contact The Oxford Dictionary to try and get the old definition of Behemoth changed. Does she do that? Is that her, yeah? TO THE POINT: With this …

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Sepultura – The Academy, Dublin 04/02/14

After battling through weather of biblical proportions, narrowly avoiding drowning on O’Connell street and almost losing an eye at the spokes of an umbrella, it was all made worth it when I finally made it to the Academy to discover I was here for a gig that was sold out. …

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