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Monster Magnet Powertrip Tour Leeds Uni Stylus 23 January 2020

Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet Powertrip A CelebrationTour at Leeds Uni Stylus 23 January 2020 with support from Those Damn Crows.   Legendary rockers Monster Magnet   ‘Powertrip A Celebration’ Tour arrived in town today to celebrate the 21st birthday of the album Powertrip, released in June 1998.  Monster Magnet lead by space lord …

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THE WILDHEARTS ‘The Renaissance Tour’, Leeds Stylus, 11 May 2019

THE WILDHEARTS ‘The Renaissance Tour’ comes to Stylus, at Leeds Uni, with support from Towers of London and Massive Wagons. There are lots of smiling happy faces at Stylus in Leeds tonight and that’s just in the queue before the doors have opened to the venue. Fans are adorning t-shirts …

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