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’77 – Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll

If you want blood….       Fancy a trip back to the heady days of the late 70’s, when AC/DC were reeling out albums like ‘Let There Be Rock’, ‘Powerage’ and ‘Highway To Hell’ on a yearly basis? Then hop aboard as the Spanish retro rockers crank up another …

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THE AMENTA – Flesh Is Heir.

An album of extreme Metal to put at the top of your shopping list. Without doubt, Australia’s most extreme purveyors of Metal, unless you can tell me different of course, are back to pummel your audio equipment into submission with an album that is brutally unrelenting in its attack. Following …

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SYBREED interviewed.

Planetmosh caught up with guitarist Drop and vocalist Ben from Cyber Metal band Sybreed. Having just finished a European tour and with the excellent ‘God Is An Automaton’ out in the open the guys had plenty to talk about.   Many thanks for taking the time out to have a …

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BLOOD OF THE SUN – “Burning On The Wings Of Desire”

70’S Rock at it’s finest, delivered with jaw dropping excellence, an absolute must!   If the name of Texan band Blood Of The Sun is unfamiliar to you, then you need to get familiarised pretty damn sharpish. Here at Planetmosh HQ we get to hear all of the latest genres …

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SYBREED – “God Is An Automaton”

Sybreed return with an album that has more grooves than a Bridgestone!   It’s been three long years since Sybreed released “The Pulse Of Awakening” but the wait for the follow up full length release has been well worth it.   The band continue with their quite unique blend of …

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