The Defiled – Daggers

...this is a full on metal album, full of huge chugging guitars, great vocals and one which seems to embrace the anarchic spirit of punk...

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Maverick – Limelight 2, Belfast – Saturday August 17th 2013


There’s a saying about a week being a long time in politics, but in the music business a year can be very short – and that can certainly be said of Belfast upstarts Maverick, for whom this return to the legendary Limelight for their second headline slot in as many …

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The Fright – S/T

We know what you’re thinking. Horrorpunk? Is that still a thing? Was it EVER a thing? Apparantly so, ladies and gentlemen. In 2013, horrorpunk is still very much in existence. Not in any kind of notable status, mind. The closest any band ever came to making such a specific subgenre …

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