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Reptilian Death – ‘The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence’

Looking from the outside in, or from west to east if you want to be geographic, it would appear that the Indian death metal scene is very much dominated by one person:  we could be (and probably are) very much mistaken in this assumption, but given that a certain Demonstealer …

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Claim The Throne – ‘Forged In Flame’

This third album from Australia’s Claim The Throne is very much in the blackened, melodic death metal meets folk vein of Amon Amarth, and most definitely will appeal to fans of the Swedish overlords. While Australia itself may not have a long folk tradition of its own – drawing as …

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Aosoth – IV

Aosoth Cover Art

This fourth album from French blackened death metallers Aosoth is suitably dark, punishingly brutal and apocalyptically nihilistic. Built on barbaric rhythms and crushing riffs, topped with the sort of evil vocal that the Lord of Hades himself would struggle to imitate, it’s by turns depressively dirge-like and neck-snappingly fast, but …

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letlive. – ‘The Blackest Beautiful’

letlive - The Blackest Beautiful Artwork

The word emotional has been denigrated in recent years by it’s association with the dreaded ‘core scene, and its attribution to a raft of bands who have used the pretence of caring what goes on in the world about them to worm their way into the hearts, and souls, of …

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Headcount – ‘Lullabies For Dogs’

Headcount - Lullabies For Dogs Artwork

Oxford trio Headcount’s sound has previously been described, elsewhere I hasten to add, as “Adam And The Ants being sodomized by Therapy?”. Certainly, on the basis of this new album, I can see the former comparison, as well as to the likes of Teardrop Explodes and maybe early, commercialized, stoner, …

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Majestic Dimension – ‘Bringers Of Evolution’

Majestic Dimension - Album Artwork

Following on from two self-released EPs, Swedish wannabe power metallers Majestic Dimension released this, their debut album earlier this year.  Unfortunately, both the band and the album are mis-named, and in numerous ways. There is nothing which even warrants the descriptive ‘majestic’ and the everything is strictly one dimensional, with …

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KaiDekA – ‘A Blissful Image Of A Dystopian Vision’

KaiDekA - Blissful Image Artwork

Having earned 8/10 from PM with their debut ‘False Idols and Pyrite Thrones’ album at the beginning of 2012, Falmouth nu-thrash crossover mob KaiDekA return with this impressive sophomore, which cements their Slipknot-meets-MachineHead style with aplomb and panache. Right from the opening bars of ‘Pre-Requisite’, the south coasters hit the …

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Vattnet Viskar – ‘Sky Swallower’

Vattnet Viskar - Artwork

Proving that first impressions can indeed be deceptive, Vattnet Viskar, despite their Swedish monicker do not, in fact, hail from the northern wastelands of Scandinavia but rather from the shores of the eastern United States… their name (which translates as ‘The Water Whispers’), however, is a definite homage to the …

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Mael Mórdha – ‘Damned When Dead’

Mael Mordha - Damned When Dead Artwork

While many of their fellow countrymen have sought to adapt traditional Irish mythologies to a more blackened style of metal, Mael Mórdha have deliberately crafted a sound which is very much rooted in the Celtic folk ethic, which gives their approach to the doomier end of the spectrum a more …

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Týr – ‘Valkyrja’

Faroe Islanders Týr may find themselves, by the fate of geography, isolated on the northern outskirts of Scandinavia but this, their seventh album, proves once again that they are very much at the centre of the particularly geocentric folkloric mythos which has helped this particular sub genre very much re-establish itself …

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For Ruin – ‘Mortal’ EP

For Ruin - Mortal Artwork

Cork’s For Ruin certainly believe in taking their time about things… this EP has been lying around, in one shape or form, for the guts of two years, with a video for the nominal title track having first surfaced on YouTube in the autumn of 2011.  Now, with the band …

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Parhelia – ‘The Precipice Of Change’

Parhelia - The Precipice Of Change Artwork

This sophomore offering from Dublin instrumentalists Parhelia has been four years in the making, being as it is the follow up to their 2009 full-lengther debut, ‘Shifting Sands’ (they previously had released two EPs, ‘First Light’ in 2006 and 2007’s ‘Oceans Apart’). ‘The Precipice Of Change’ is a hypnotic album, …

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Victorius – The Awakening

Victorius - The Awakening

Hailing from the Saxony region of Germany, Victorius are one of a new generation of power metal bands who are emerging, from various parts of the continent (including here in the jolly old UK, it must be stressed), who seem determined to inject something new and fresh into what has …

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Atrocity – Okkult

Atrocity - Okkult Artwork

With this, the first in a new trilogy of thematically-linked albums, German deathgore gods Atrocity have set themselves the aim of ushering in a “new era”, one in which they seek not only to produce a series of albums which are “brutal, bombastic and dark” and their “heaviest and most …

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Sleeping With Sirens – Feel

Sleeping With Sirens - Feel

Those of you who regularly stop by PlanetMosh will be well aware of my feelings on ‘metalcore’, ’emo’ or whatever the fuck you want to call it today, yesterday, tomorrow, next week, next month, last year, when-the-feck-ever:  listen, genres are generalizations, media fancies adopted by writers who feel they must …

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Coffins – The Fleshland

Coffins - Fleshland Artwork

So far this year, I have come across quite a few excellent doom albums which show that the genre is well and truly alive and kicking butt in all corners of the planet we call Mosh – from the epic Greek godliness of Mahakala to the dark Swiss denseness of …

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Hawthorne Heights – Zero

Hawthorne Heights Artwork

This fifth full-length release from US metalcore mob Hawthorne Heights is billed as a concept album, based around the usual storyline (although admittedly one more often narrated by power metal outfits) about post-apocalyptic world/dystopian future where a totalitarian corporation has risen to overarching power and the ‘little man’ starts to …

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Dagoba – Post Portem Nihil Est

A decade on from their self-titled debut album, French industrial metallers Dagoba have found themselves having to undergo something of a re-invention for this, their fifth full-length album – and not least because of the sudden and controversial departure last year of founder Izakar, whose guitar sound many fans and …

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L Sol Tace – The Carcass Of Eternity

Opinions are extremely mixed on the validity of sample CDs given away free with the vast majority of music magazines… personally speaking, I’m actually quite a fan of them:  they are a good way of obtaining free samples of new work by established artists, and of checking out shed loads …

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Gothminister – Utopia

‘Utopia’, Norwegian darkened industrialists Gothminister’s fifth album, is a concept work based around the concept of ‘Mr Jekyll And Dr Hyde’ – with, on this occasion, the inspiration coming from band leader Bjørn Alexander Brem and the duality of his existence as a lawyer by day and heavy metal musician …

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