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Brujeria return with new album

Brujeria promo pic

Atencion cabrones… one of the most underground of underground metal acts are returning to action! Masked Mexican banditos Brujeria have once more emerged from hiding, signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment and are poised to release a new album next year. In typically mysterious Brujeria style, that is all …

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Bloodshot Dawn – ‘Demons’

Bloodshot Dawn - Demons artwork

I first came across Bloodshot Dawn around about 18 months ago, when they played in front of a pretty small crowd in a tiny club here in Belfast, opening for the extremely disappointing Scar Symmetry in a gig which proved that some bands really should be more careful as to …

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Aeternum Vale – ‘Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges’

Aeternum Vale artwork

Black metal is a genre which, in many ways, is split straight down the middle – between those who seek to live merely on its past glories and those who desire to drive it forward and re-establish its relevancy in the modern era:  those content to don the antiquated corpse …

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SynaptiK – ‘The Mechanisms Of Consequence’

SynaptiK - album cover

Definitely – and defiantly – one of the most impressive acts to have taken to the New Blood Stage at this past summer’s Bloodstock, East Anglia’s SynaptiK have subsequently produced a debut album that is fervent, fresh and vibrant in equal measure. Straddling, with consummate ease, the death, groove, progressive …

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Cruachan to release new album in December

Cruachan artwork

Irish folk metallers Cruachan will released their seventh studio album – their first for the specialist folk, medieval and pagan metal label, Trollzorn Records – on December 5. ‘Blood For The Blood God’ – the artwork for which is pictured right – will carry on the ‘blood’ trilogy begun with …

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Bloodshot Dawn release video for ‘Smoke And Mirrors’

Bloodshot Dawn - Demons artwork

After debuting the track at Bloodstock earlier this summer, Bloodshot Dawn have now released ‘Smoke And Mirrors’, the first track to be taken from their forthcoming second album, ‘Demons’, which itself is due for release on October 26. Frontman Josh McMorran said of the video: “It’s a play through using …

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Dead Label to release new album next year

Dead Label

Irish thrash trio Dead Label! will release their new album, ‘Throne Of Bones’, via Nuerra Records in early 2015. The band have just finished tracking for the album at EastWest Studios and Sonora Recorders in southern California, with Michael Phelan at the helm and co-production from Chris Rakestraw (Danzig, Parkway …

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Putrefy – ‘Knelt Before The Sarcophagus Of Humanity’

Putrefy - Knelt Before The Sarcophagus Artwork

Everything about this, the third album from 20-year-plus Northern Ireland veterans Putrefy screams ‘old school’ – with a very, VERY loud MUTHAFUCKA on the end of it! From the orchestral overture leading into the first punishing riff of ‘Wading Through Human Blood’ to the dying embers of the title track …

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Primordial stream title track to new album

Alan Averill of Primordial

Irish pagan metallians Primordial have just released a lyric video for the title track to their new album, ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’. ‘Where Greater Men Have Fallen’ is due to be released via Metal Blade on November 25. Primordial will mark the release at the revived, and Alan ‘Nemtheanga’ …

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220 Volt – ‘Walking In Starlight’

220 Volt - Walking In Starlight artwork

After 35 years in the business, 220 volt are  back in 2014 with their recently released sixth studio album ‘Walking In Starlight’ . Although the lineup has changed over the years, this formation of the band – which has been together since 2012 – is showing the fans that they …

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AC/DC announce new studio album to be released 2nd December 2014 with Stevie Young on rhythm guitar

LouellaDeville_ @PlanetMosh @ACDCFans AC/DC announced on their website today: – ‘Rock or Bust,’ the highly anticipated new studio album from AC/DC, will be released December 2, 2014. Featuring 11 new tracks and recorded in Spring 2014 at Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC, ‘Rock or Bust’ finds AC/DC once again working …

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Zom to release debut album in November

ZOM flesh assimilation - full cover

Irish blackened death metal trio Zom are to release their debut album, ‘Flesh Assimilation’, through Dublin-based Invictus Promotions on November 24. Featuring cover artwork by renowned artist Zbyszek Bielak, the album is the follow up to a previously released demo and a subsequent 7″.  In a statement, the band said of …

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Sonus Mortis release details of second album

Sonus Mortis - Propaganda Dream Sequence artwork

Dublin-based one-man symphonic doom/death project Sonus Mortis – aka Kevin Byrne – has shared some details on his planned second album ‘War Prophecy’ – the follow-up to ‘Propaganda Dream Sequence, which was released earlier this year. “Since the debut was released in March 2014, I’ve spent the last three to four months writing songs,” …

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Belphegor – ‘Conjuring The Dead’

Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead artwork

Belphegor are a band who – in common with many of their black metal counterparts – have often gone out of their way to court controversy in order to build their profile, even going so far as to have their early albums banned in their native Austria (as well as …

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Rainbows Are Free – ‘Waves Ahead Of The Ocean’

Rainbows Are Free artwork

This second album from Oklahomans Rainbows Are Free immediately wins the PlanetMosh award for THE best song title of the year (if not possibly ever?), in the form of opening track ‘Speed God And The Rise Of The Motherfuckers From A Place Beyond Hell’.  It’s a title, and indeed a …

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Annisokay – ‘The Lucid Dream[er]’

Annisokay - Lucid Dreamer artwork

You cannot really fault the ambition of young German ‘post-hardcore’ proponents Annisokay.  Having already attracted considerable attention in both their homeland and elsewhere with their unique reworking of Miley Cyrus’ otherwise dire and unmentionable ‘Wrecking Ball’ (which to date has earned this Halle-based quintet almost half a million hits on …

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Black Trip – Goin’ Under

Black Trip - Goin Under artwork

It could be argued that there is nothing new in music:  everything is a re-creation, a re-invention of what has gone before. It’s all about variations upon a theme… Now, I’m no musicologist – I’m just a fan who writes about music – but my take on it is this:  …

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Liv Kristine to release new solo album

Liv Kristine Vervain artwork

Leaves’ Eyes and Theatre of Tragedy vocalist Liv Kristine is to release her fifth solo album, ‘Vervain’, via Napalm Records on October 27 in the UK As previously announced, Kristine is also teaming up with Kari Ruslåtten and Anneke van Giersbergen for a tour branded ‘The Sirens’ takes place in …

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Revocation to release new album, ‘Deathless’ in October

Revocation - Deathless Artwork

Revocation release their fifth album, and their first for Metal Blade, ‘Deathless’, on October 14. The title track is currently streaming at http://www.metalblade.com/revocation/ Guitarist/vocalist Dave Davidson said of the album, which was recorded with acclaimed producer Zeuss at Planet Z studios in Massachusetts:  “Collectively, we feel that ‘Deathless’ is our …

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Bloodshot Dawn to release second album in October

Bloodshot Dawn - Demons artwork

Before closing their main stage show at Bloodstock Festival this past weekend, unsigned UK melodic extreme metallers Bloodshot Dawn frontman Josh McMorran confirmed that their new album, entitled ‘Demons’, would be released in the UK on October 26. ‘Demons’ is the second Bloodshot Dawn album and was funded by fans in …

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