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How These Metal Bands Got Their Names

Here are an evil Lucky 13 metal bands, representing a variety of genres, for you to listen to, plus learn the Wikipedia versions of their name origins. The rules: Only metal is included; no rock, blues, or punk feature in this round. No origin stories from anywhere but Wikipedia are …

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The A – Z guide to Bloodstock

As the clock ticks and the countdown to Bloodstock Open Air 2016 begins in earnest, PlanetMosh sat down and debated everything that comes together to make BOA the best metal festival in the UK. Allow us to present our alphabetised guide to the festival. The A-Z guide to Bloodstock. A …

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Record Store Day – The vinyl chance for your local retailer?

Reports are coming in that in the last week, local independent record stores have experienced a surge in footfall through their doors. This surge has been followed by a slew of tumbleweed in the subsequent days. Further investigation revealed that the phenomenon known as Record Store Day took place last …

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London Mayor launches strategy to save music venues – it is too late?

It may be too late for many of the city’s landmark venues, but London Mayor Boris Johnson has finally thrown his weight behind the capital’s music industry – and especially the much needed Agent Of Change principle. Many venues – up to a third of those which existed a decade …

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Opinion: The Top 5 Albums of the Year…So Far!

Earlier this year, PlanetMosh’s Elliot Leaver began his own independent music blog, the Food of Love. Today, with the grace of the powers that be, he is able to share his own rants and reviews via the Food of Love with PM for the first time. This is his Top …

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PlanetMosh Album of the year 2014

album of the year

Twenty-Fourteen was another amazing year in the world of hard rock and  metal. With so many crunching releases to sift through, the staff here at PlanetMosh submitted their favourite albums of the year.   Almost 200 albums were added to the final spreadsheet and PlanetMosh is proud to announce:   …

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Can metal fans drink in ‘normal’ bars?

Is it becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary, decent heavy metal fans to enjoy a quiet drink on a night out with their – sometimes non-metal – friends?  If recent experiences – including several by this writer – are anything to go by, then the answer may be more and more …

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Stay Secure on Tour

There hardly seems to be a week that goes by without seeing reports of another band that have left gear in their van overnight and had it stolen.  These sort of thefts can destroy a band, particularly if the losses aren’t covered by insurance. But even if insured and the …

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Do metal fans hate success?

To start, I have to say that I love the sense of community that exists among metal fans.  I’ve been to a huge number of concerts and festivals, and at the metal or rock ones there’s virtually no trouble – no drunken fights, no aggro, and no people dying from …

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