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Pogo Playlist – 20 British Punk Songs

This one has been so hard to limit to twenty songs! I’m not even a Punk, per se, I’m a Rock Chick although my taste in music leans more towards the harder, sleazier element than the soft! Every time I think I’ve got the list finalised I think of another …

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Big Hair, Make-up, Spandex! A Sleazy Playlist for Lovers of Sleaze Rock!

This isn’t a definitive list of the twenty best sleazy tracks of all time it’s twenty tracks, chosen by two of our writers, for the lovers of the sleazier, not cheesier (though some may disagree) songs. Think screaming riffs; high pitched voices; guyliner; spandex! Bands where the men wear more …

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No More Mr Nice Guy – The ultimate Alice Cooper playlist

As the vaudeville icon’s headlining slot at Stone Free Festival beckons, it’s time to dust off those Alice Cooper albums and re-learn those timeless lyrics. With a career spanning five decades and 26 albums, there’s a plethora of material to wade through – so here’s our selected highlights to revive the …

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The Doom Dozen – A PlanetMosh Playlist to darken your mood

We thought we would counteract the advent of Spring by bringing you The Doom Dozen, a collection of tracks designed to darken your mood and wipe that silly smile off your face. Doom Metal as it exists now, covers a pretty wide spectrum ranging from your, shall we say traditional …

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Game Of Thrones & More – Heavy metal songs inspired by Fantasy – PlanetMosh Playlist

Fantasy has always been a furrow well ploughed by metal bands, providing a rich vein of stories as bombastic, epic  and glory-seeking as the genre itself.  With the sixth series of the biggest TV epic ever produced, ‘Game Of Thrones’, about to launch itself onto our screens, and the seventh …

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Tuska Open Air 2016 – The PlanetMosh ‘Pain’list – Listen now on Spotify

With Tuska Open Air Metal Festival almost 3 months away, we decided to put together a PlanetMosh Playlist of all the acts confirmed to play at Suvilahti on the first weekend in July. We’ve included a few songs from each of the headliners, Avantasia, Ghost and Children Of Bodom as …

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