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Rabid Bitch Of The North + Rule Of Six – Belfast, Limelight 2, 14/06/2014

Rabid Bitch Of The North Poster

The sun may be beating down outside, and Belfast threatening to enjoy some some of (quite possibly foreshortened) summer, but that doesn’t stop the hardiest of the city’s black clad metallians gathering (not quite in their masses) and heading indoors to the sanctity of the equally darkened Slimer for another …

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L Sol Tace – The Carcass Of Eternity

Opinions are extremely mixed on the validity of sample CDs given away free with the vast majority of music magazines… personally speaking, I’m actually quite a fan of them:  they are a good way of obtaining free samples of new work by established artists, and of checking out shed loads …

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Red Six + Astralnaut + Scimitar – Limelight 2, Belfast – May 11th 2013

Launch gigs can be weird affairs… all too often, the band doing the launch, be it an EP or whatever, deliberately pull together a rather lame supporting cast, so as not to expose their own weaknesses.  The alternative, and much more preferable option, is to invite along support acts which …

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7 Days Dead (‘Beyond Within’ EP Launch) – Limelight 2, Belfast – Saturday February 16th 2013

It’s a Saturday afternoon in Belfast, and that means there is only one place any self-respecting metalhead should be… down the ‘Slimer’, necking pints, enjoying the craic and breaking necks at the weekly RocKD!  This weekend’s show is an extra bit special, as it also marks the official launch of …

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Zombified + Red Six + Cursed Sun + Ceaseless Blight @ Limelight 2, Belfast – Saturday February 2nd

If there is ever something which can be honestly described as an institution on the Belfast metal scene, then it truly is RocKD.  Started up almost a decade and a half ago by James ‘The Nicest Man In Metal’ Loveday as a Saturday afternoon showcase for the best in local …

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7 Days Dead + Red Six + Zombified + WarCrux @ Voodoo, Belfast – September 5th 2012

School night gigs in this part of the world have a reputation for being poorly attended, even when four quality acts come together on a superb value-for-money bill. Having said that, by the end of this evening there is a respectable enough crowd gathered to support the first of two …

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Red Six – ‘Nausea’ EP

When Belfast’s Red Six – there’s only five of them and, no, it’s not just you, we’ve never been able to figure it out either – released their debut EP, ‘Devour’, a little over a year ago, it immediately not only garnered them heaps of critical acclaim but also, coupled …

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