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Alchemy of Flesh – Ageless Abominations

Alchemy Of Flesh

Alchemy of Flesh is a Death Metal band who worship at the altar of the legendary Florida scene. Consciously side-stepping the overwhelming Swede-death aping of many of the modern death metal bands, Alchemy Of Flesh have crafted a sound that is exciting, devastating and deliciously over the top. The solo project of Tim …

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MORBID BREATH announce ‘In the Hand of the Reaper’

Morbid Breath

Morbid Breath emerged in late summer of 2020 as a studio project by guitarist Stefan Carrillo to pay homage to early thrash metal legends Slayer. By the end of summer, the project began to take shape and forge it’s own path once Marcus Eriksson (bass/vox), David Gustafsson (Drums) and Felix Klaesson …

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Detherous – Hacked To Death

Canada’s Calgary based thrash quartet Detherous embrace us with their debut full length album, ‘Hacked To Death ‘.  Formed in 2014, they released an initial demo in 2017, and followed this with a live album last year. This is actually a breathe of fresh air for me and it’s very …

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Wretched Fate – Fleshletting

Swedish Death Metal outfit Wretched Fate release this, their debut album. This follows a two-track demo released last year. And I must admit a very good album it is too. It’s typically what you would expect from a Swedish Death Metal outfit. They have a Morbid Angel feel to them which suits …

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