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Four Nights Gone – Resilience

Staten Island, New York’s Four Nights Gone recently released Resilience, a 5-song EP. This is the band’s second studio effort, professionally recorded at Vudu Studios with producer Mike Watts. Nicely mixed, clear and crisp, Resilience seems to be fairly straightforward, vanilla modern melodic rock: like fellow bands you’d hear on …

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Drowning Pool – Resilience

It’s almost impossible to look at Drowning Pool as the same band they were in 2002. A lot has changed since then and five albums and four vocalists later Resilience is Drowning Pools latest studio album with new vocalist Jasen Moreno, and you can’t deny that Resilience is a great …

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Stevie Benton – Drowning Pool – 27/02/2013

Drowning Pool bassist Stevie Benton took time out from the road touring the States to answer some questions about the release of their up coming new album RESILIENCE and also their up coming UK tour with Fozzy. PM – Your new album Resilience is set to come out in just over a month (April …

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