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Wyrmhaven – Delirium

I don't know what else I can say but please give this band 16 mins of your life and you won't regret it. The album is now 3 months old and it is criminally underrated. And being unsigned the band don't have the funds to promote themselves the full. Do you like Metal and Headbanging? Well so do they and trust me when I say they made an EP worth Headbanging to.

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Drollery – Caerbannog

If you like your songs short, hard and fast then Drollery fit the bill with their ten minute debut Caerbannog. Can't understand a word of it but I don't need Google translate to know a good tune when I hear it!

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Stillbirth: Revive The Throne

If this is indeed the sound of the Coliseum. Well, Commodus must be sat on that throne because it's certainly the end of Rome and by the sounds of it the rest of the f**ing world while they're at it. 4/5 stars.

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Nightwish – Human :II: Nature

I’ve always felt there is something Tolkienesque about Nightwish. With their blend of operatic, folk, power and Celtic metal. The vocals from Floor Jansen are as close to an angelic angel as can exist in this mortal realm. That is not to say her style is always heavenly, more a …

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D-A-D Review Academy 3, Manchester: 20th November 2019


D-A-D and Hangarvain Review at Academy 3, Manchester, 20th November 2019 There was a chill in the air as I headed into Manchester to see D-A-D, the Great Danes formerly known as Disneyland After Dark, before changing their name to avoid legal action from Mickey Mouse creator Disney. Read a …

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StoneWire – Life As We Know It

Sometimes you just need a good old dose of rock and roll, and when you get to hear the new release from StoneWire that’s what you get. It’s been a long time since they last scratched out some vinyl (5 years in fact) but like a good wine they seem …

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Static-X – Manchester Ritz – 3rd October 2019

Unfortunately, as I live over the border in Wales there was no way I could get from work to Manchester for Dope’s opening set. My apology’s guys catch you next time. Now, there are good supporting bands. Sometimes there are great bands. Then occasionally you get a band who, not only …

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The Drippers – Action Rock

The Drippers formed in Sweden in 2016 a three piece action rock band. One guitar, one bass, one drummer, two vocalists. Two vocalists? Doesn’t that make five? Not in this case as Viktor and William share the lead vocal duties. The band have just released their debut album Action Rock. …

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After The Burial – Satan’s Hollow, Manchester: 4th August 2019

Since I’ve started reviewing gigs for Planetmosh I’ve got to experience quite a few different clubs. Nothing however could have prepared me for what I was confronted with when I strolled up to Satan’s Hollow in Manchester to see After the Burial. A small side street entrance led me into …

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Serrabulho – Porntugal

Serrabulho are a four piece grind / hardcore band from Portugal, releasing their third full length album, Porntugal, and I really do not know where to start with this one. This is proper hardcore thrash but when it comes to lyrics I can only describe most of them sounding like …

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The Last Band review at The Parish Huddersfield, 7th December 2018 by Alex English

The Last Band by Alex English

High energy metal rockers The Last Band are pumped up and ready for action tonight at The Parish in Huddersfield. Before their set, I had the opportunity to grab an interview with The Last Band singer Coffe Blood. Chatting with singer Coffe Here’s an excerpt of some of the question’s …

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Tantrum – Melt It Down

Scottish Metallers Tantrum, through a support pledge project, have released their debut album ‘Melt It Down’. They asked fans to help fund the release by pre-ordering the album and pledging certain amounts of money in return for exclusive gifts. The more you pledged, the bigger the gifts. For example, pledge …

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Molars – Tight, But Not Groundbreaking

Based in Nottingham, United Kingdom, Molars are a Midwest Emo/Pop-Punk trio formed in 2018. Their debut EP Tight, But Not Groundbreaking will be released on 14th December. For fans of Tiny Moving Parts, Taking Back Sunday, American Football, and The 1975. What band they fail to add to this impressive …

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The Dead Daisies and The Amorettes – The Picturedrome, Holmfirth, 27th July 2018

Tonight I headed out to The Picturedrome in Holmfirth as The Dead Daisies brought their Summer Tour 2018 to Yorkshire. The Dead Daisies aren’t actually a group, as such, but a collective of musicians assembled, only five years ago, by David Lowy and Jon Stevens. The Antipodean Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller? As …

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Monster Magnet – Gorilla, Manchester: 31st May 2018

Dave Wyndhorf - Monster Magnet

A very hot, very close day in Manchester led into a very hot and close evening at the sold out Gorilla when Monster Magnet came to play! Bang on time opening act iPendej0 took to the stage, they’re from Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, but their lyrics are Urban Spanish hence …

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Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland

Anthrax - Kings Among Scotland

As live albums go this is as damn near as good as being at the gig itself as Anthrax thrash their hearts out to a vociferous crowd at the Glasgow Barrowlands Ballroom on this double CD Kings Among Scotland, due for release by Nuclear Blast Records on April 27th 2018. …

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Skyryder – Vol. One


Skyryder, hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne and in my opinion the founder of NWOBHM have released an impressive debut E.P titled Vol. One. Available via their bandcamp page here, the five tracks are £3 for a digital download or £5 for a CD or a limited edition cassette tape.    …

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Falling Eden – Falling Eden (Single Review)

Falling Eden, the new kids on the rock block from Crewe impress from the off with their first self penned tune ‘Falling Eden’, due for release on March 23rd 2018 via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Deezer. Backed by a powerful, thought provoking video (which you can view at …

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Twisted Illusion – Excite The Light Part One

Excite The Light Part One, the first of a soon to be released trilogy of albums by the cosmic Twisted Illusion shows that the song writing suss of Matt Jones has no bounds with another dazzling array of compositions. Six songs stretch out to just under the sixty minute mark …

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The Rocket Dolls – DeaDHeaD

DeadHead - The Rocket Dolls (Cover)

The Rocket Dolls, a three piece heavy rock band, from Brighton self release their second full length studio album on 6th April 2018. DeaDHeaD was recorded at British Grove Studios and produced and mixed by Mark Roberts. Since forming in 2008 The Rocket Dolls won the best new band at the Pure …

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