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Bitch – Be My Slave & Damnation Alley CD/DVD

This release consists of the first Bitch EP (Damnation alley) from 1982 and their first album (Be my slave) from 1983.  Both have been remastered and sound better than they’ve ever sounded before.  As well as the album and EP on a CD the package also includes a DVD containing …

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Combichrist, Rock City, Nottingham, 2nd July 2011

First up tonight are the opening band, Method Cell, and industrial synth band from Nottingham.  They take to the stage in front of a tiny audience – being a saturday the doors open earlier than normal at 6pm, and they are on stage just a few minutes later.  The band …

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Tornado – Amsterdamn Hellsinki

Tornado were formerly known as Nemesis Divina, but changed their name to avoid people wrongly assuming they were a black metal group (Nemesis Divina also being the name of an album by black metal band Satyricon).  This release is the bands first album.  The band have been described as “Slayer …

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Sarah jezebel Deva – The Corruption of Mercy

Sarah Jezebel Deva should be a well known name to a lot of metal fans. She was backing singer for Cradle of filth for 14 years and has sung on almost all their albums and she’s also been a member of Therion and Mortis. She also had a solo project, …

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Extreme Overload Part II – Milkwood Jam Swansea – 30/04/2011 (Gig)

Extreme Overload Part II This is only the second time I’ve been to this venue since it changed from an illegal all night drinking club (before they had 24 hour licences). It’s fairly small but it has a good PA system. They are usually known for their blues and open …

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