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Desertfest 2016 – Saturday 30/4/16

Saturday marked the second day of the already brilliant Desertfest 2016. With beers flowing, and more punters in attendance than the day before, the Saturday lineup proved to be the more eclectic mix of the weekend. First in line on Saturday were Yorkshire’s BongCauldron [9]. Sounding like the bastard spawn …

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Russian Circles completes Desertfest London 2016 lineup

It’s finally here: your complete DESERTFEST LONDON 2016 line-up has arrived! Chicago’s majestic instrumental progsters Russian Circles are set to headline the Saturday night with Pelican as lead support. Not only that, but we have the mighty forefathers of doom Trouble celebrating their 30th anniversary with a very special show …

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Wovenhand, Russian Circles, and more announced for Roadburn 2015; Enslaved and Wardruna unveil more show details

Roadburn is very pleased to announce Wovenhand, Russian Circles, Wardruna, and a second Enslaved performance among the latest additions to the 20th edition line up of the festival which will take place in April 2015.  Wovenhand and Russian Circles are added to Thursday line up. Wovenhand’s incendiary performance at Roadburn …

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Dot Legacy – ‘Dot Legacy’

Dot Legacy Album Artwork

One of a reviewer’s favourite dreams – and, in equal measure, worst nightmares – is to occasionally stumble across a band who are difficult, if not downright impossible, to categorize. Such an outfit are Parisien quartet Dot Legacy, and this eclectic self-titled debut, which veers between post-rock synchopation, stoner, ambient …

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Dark Matter – ‘A Place Of Memories And Ghosts’

I’ve always been a big fan of instrumental music. Long before bowed my knee at the altar of metal, I used to sneak home from school early – mainly because it was quicker to walk the quarter of a mile in a straight line through the park than take the …

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