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Exmortus – For the Horde [video / single]

Ah, Exmortus heats up another day in metal-dom! Stark black and white imagery, a dragon, swords, horns, a battle, a horde, scantily-clad women, blood, and fire: these California natives have heavy metal’s best and brightest tropes fenced in and neatly dispatched. The quartet works diligently on their music, and the …

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Exmortus Interview for PlanetMosh, April 2014

Following successful North American back-to-back tours with Dark Tranquillity and Lich King, California’s young “powershred” foursome Exmortus decided to have a wee chat with PlanetMosh. Summarizing Slave to the Sword, these ten tracks have a thrash metal backbone, abrasive or ‘harsh’ vocals, and every song is packed to the hilt …

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Exmortus – Slave to the Sword

Exmortus are a four-piece band from Whittier, CA, the former stomping grounds of Richard Cee’s Wild Rags Records. The band formed in 2002, concocting a battle plan replete with apparent objectives: to spread the shred, pound steel and brew, praise the mighty Crom, and crush the craniums of many. While …

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