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Vardis – 100 M.P.H @ 100 CLUB Review

In the mid-1970s when I was a spotty teenager, there was no internet to find out new rock/metal bands so you had to rely on your local record store, The Friday Rock Show on Radio 1 or music magazines. My bible was Sounds that went on to turn into Kerrang. …

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SUZI QUATRO signs with SPV to release new studio album NO CONTROL

SUZI QUATRO ***The “Queen Of Rock N’ Roll” signs with SPV/Steamhammer*** ***New Album ‘No Control’ out on 29 March 2019*** ***Lead single ‘No Soul/No Control’ out on 15 February 2019*** ***Major UK/Australian/European tour in 2019***   Suzi Quatro more than lives up to her name as the “Queen Of Rock …

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SUPERSUCKERS – New Studio Album SUCK IT Released September 21st

***Resounding new studio album ‘Suck It’ out on September 21st on SPV / Steamhammer + November UK tour confirmed*** SOMEWHERE IN NEW JERSEY— “We’ve finally become the band that we’ve always threatened to be,” says singer-bassist Eddie Spaghetti, calling, as ever, from the road. With the Supersucker odometer clicking on …

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The Wild! – Debut ‘Wild At Heart’ Album Released February 17th on SPV

Hell Raising Canadian Hard Rockers’ Explosive Debut ‘Wild At Heart’ Album Unleashed February 17th on Steamhammer / SPV   “We are The Wild! & we are fucking crazy” Visceral Canadian rockers The Wild! have confirmed the release of their storming debut album ‘Wild At Heart’, produced by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, …

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Vardis – New ‘Red Eye’ Studio Album Released May 20th on SPV

Vardis – Leading NWOBHM Rockers’ New ‘Red Eye’ Studio Album Unleashed May 20th on Steamhammer / SPV Hugely influential New Wave Of British Heavy Metal trio Vardis, who famously inspired metal giants such as Metallica and Megadeth, have signed to Steamhammer / SPV to release their first new studio album …

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Axel Rudi Pell – Game Of Sins

It’s safe to say that when it comes to heavy metal guitarists some of the biggest names have come out of European countries, from Yngwie Malmsteen (from Sweden) to Jari Mäenpää (Wintersun and from Finland.) Yet there is one name who for over a quarter of a century has stood …

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The Other – Fear Itself

Horror Punk Rock band The Other from Köln, Germany released their sixth album ‘Fear Itself‘ on 10th July  via Steamhammer/SPV. The Other started in 2002 as a Misfits cover band, a lot has happened in the thirteen years since then, and a few line-up changes sees the remaining original members …

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Virgin Steele – ‘Invictus’

Virgin Steele - Invictus Artwork

This lavish re-issue of VS’s 1998 opus is very much – as it was originally – a companion piece to the also re-packaged ‘The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell I+II (reviewed here:  https://planetmosh.com/virgin-steele-the-marriage-of-heaven-and-hell-iii/) – and indeed serves as the third instalment of what eventually would become a quartet of themed …

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Virgin Steele – ‘The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell I+II’

Virgin Steele - Marriage Artwork

It could be argued that, over the past 30 years, Virgin Steele have been one of the most maligned, under-rated and controversial – the latter in respect of the fact that they divide fans straight down the middle of the love ’em or hate ’em divide – metal bands of …

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Holy Moses – ‘Redefined Mayhem’

Holy Moses - Mayhem Redefined Artwork

One of the few successful extreme metal bands to be fronted by a woman, Holy Moses – even more than 30 years into their career – inevitably draw comparisons with the likes of the more high profile Arch Enemy.  And, certainly, there are similarities between the two bands, especially in …

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Pro-Pain – ‘The Final Revolution’

Pro-Pain - The Final Revolution

This 14th album from the pioneering stalwarts of the New York hardcore scene is a return to their crossover roots, following last year’s somewhat thrashier ‘Straight To The Dome’, with its mixture of hard-hitting street metal riffage and confrontational punk punkiness. With frontman Gary Meskil once again in charge of …

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