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Bad Touch – Eleven, Stoke-on-Trent – 8th November 2018

Another fantastic night at Eleven in Stoke as Bad Touch played their finest set I’ve seen from them over the last five years, supported by Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics and Daxx & Roxane making it the best gig I’ve attended so far in 2018. Touring on the back …

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Bad Touch – Truth Be Told

Norfolk may be that somewhat sleepy county over to the extreme right of the map but there’s nothing sedate about the second album from Bad Touch, Truth Be Told. Stacked with oomph, riddled with self-assurance and oozing vitality, this is an album tailor made for when the good times are flowing. …

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Stevie Westwood of Bad Touch Interview

At one time or another, even the very biggest bands were unknown. The Beatles, for instance, were just another quartet of leather-clad rockers playing in a pokey Liverpool tea bar until Brian Epstein was handed a rough copy of them singing My Bonnie. Bad Touch first came onto my particular musical …

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