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MAXXWELL Reveal ‘Metalized’ Album Details, Video Teaser Posted

Maxwell - Metalized

Swiss hardrock/metal band, MAXXWELL, have announced the release of their fourth album ‘Metalized‘ on September 21, 2018. Metalized says it all – many concerts have left their mark. On the new record, the band rocks harder, catchier and a lot more edgier than on their earlier releases. The lyric video for the title track …

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Wigelius – ‘Tabula Rasa’

Let’s get this clear from the start:  I hate fucking so-called “reality” TV “music” shows.  Never watch them.  By and large, they’re ego-stroking vanity trips for equally vainglorious multi-billionaires merely seeking to embarrass weird and random selections of wannabe has-beens into making complete dicks of themselves and earning undeserved adulation …

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HeKz – Tabula Rasa

English metallers HeKz released their debut album ‘Tabula Rasa’ on 6 April 2012, offering us up 10 tracks in the process.  This is indeed an interesting album and another example of a band allowing its old school metal influences to flow nice and clearly through their music.  Several tracks on …

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