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PM captures Stuka Squadron for interrogation, Ivory Blacks, Glasgow 23/5/12

The mission was a success. We managed to infiltrate their lair and capture 2 of the Stuka Sqadron soldiers. Then I got to interrogated them! Please note a sense of humour is essential for viewing this video, as it contain some bad language, torture*, nudity* swearing, damn fine tunes, flashbacks …

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Stuka Squadron – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow – 23rd May 2012

Glasgow saw a mini invasion of Germanic Teutonic vampires as Stuka Squadron made their first attack on enemy soil here to kick off their mini tour of destruction around the UK and, while it was a disappointing crowd for them to play to (thanks in part to the almost unheard …

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Stuka Squadron set to invade: Scotland on red alert!

PM HQ update – we have intercepted and deciphered a new message. We can advise that The Stuka Squadron has a new mission. They plan to head over the border to launch an assault on Glasgow eta 23rd May, before preparing to lay siege down the West Coast and into …

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