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The Crawling release new single ‘Rancid Harmony’

The Crawling are a doom/death metal act from the concrete maze of Northern Ireland. The closure of 2018 saw the release of their sophomore album, ‘Wolves And The Hideous White’.  An exploration of the human desire to belong. Their latest single ‘Rancid Harmony’  focuses on formation and breakdown of relationships, …

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The Crawling ‘Anatomy of Loss’ Album Pre-release Interview

If you remember Bloodstock last year (it’s okay we were all drunk too) you will know I had the pleasure of interviewing the most un-miserable bunch of Irishmen in existence to play the Newblood Stage, The Crawling. At that point they hinted of exciting things to come, so let’s find …

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Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses Northern Ireland Heat Four – Belfast, Voodoo – 24 March 2016

To say that the fourth heat of the Northern Ireland leg of the annual Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses was something of a curate’s egg of an evening is perhaps putting it mildly.  Only three bands ended up battling it out for the two places in the next round of the …

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The Crawling – ‘In Light Of Dark Days’ EP

Despite having only emerged from Norn Iron’s dankest extreme metal sewers within the past 12 months, The Crawling are by no means newcomers to the scene over here, with the triumvirate collectively counting nigh on four decades of experience between them.  Guitarist Andy Clarke, for example, was the cornerstone of …

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Poser Holocaust – Lisburn, Alexander’s Bar 09/05/2015

Still hungover and bleary eyed from the previous evening’s final of the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses competition, the PlanetMosh team were up and about at a ridiculously early hour to catch the mid-afternoon train for one of our all-too-rare forays out of the big smoke for a ten band …

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Desecration – Belfast, Voodoo 19/02/2014

School night gigs in Belfast – possibly in common with most other locales – are notoriously difficult to fill, unless of course they involve a “big name” touring band.  But, increasingly, Thursday nights seem to be becoming the “new Friday” and so a healthy crowd of 70 or so grinders …

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