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Metal 2 The Masses Northern Ireland – Heat One Overview

It’s funny how little phrases stick with you… I remember spending many early Saturday evenings in my youth sat in front of my grandmother’s television, watching a bunch of grown men and women, who really should have known better, running round huge inflatable obstacle courses while other, invariably bigger, grown …

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Metal 2 The Masses Northern Ireland – Heat One Preview

The Northern Ireland leg of the annual Metal 2 The Masses competition – which, for those of you unfamiliar with the concept, offers an unsigned band the opportunity to play at Bloodstock – kicks into action this coming Saturday (30 January). The first gladiators to enter the arena that will …

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Poser Holocaust – Lisburn, Alexander’s Bar 09/05/2015

Still hungover and bleary eyed from the previous evening’s final of the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses competition, the PlanetMosh team were up and about at a ridiculously early hour to catch the mid-afternoon train for one of our all-too-rare forays out of the big smoke for a ten band …

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