Takeaway Thieves – NFT’s and The Revolution of Music

Takeaway Thieves have announced pre-sales of their debut album will go live in May. Amongst the many traditional ways bands bundle packages together, they are releasing NFT’s.

NFT is a unique one of a kind Non-Fungible Token, that converts a real asset into a digital asset that is kept on the Block Chain Technology. Over the last 2 months, NFT’s have taken the Art world by storm. With Kings of Leon being one of the first bands to release NFTs of their new album at the start of this year.

Takeaway Thieves are on the precipice of the same storm hitting the Music Industry and changing it for the better Takeaway Thieves guitarist Neil states ” The music industry is flatlining, the lack of proper worth in the monetisation of streams is not only robbing the artists but also the listeners who would have to listen to 94 hours of music a month to cover their monthly subscription.

NFT’s are the future for music, where the songwriter, the artist is taking control, retaining copyright of their masters and even offering the listener ownership of master recordings, and unique album art. Who wouldn’t love to own the master of their favourite song/album?” 

Check out the band’s link below for further information:
TT’s Debut Album NFT’s
Takeaway Thieves

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