Terrorvision interview Tony Wright. October 2012

I got the chance to catch up with Terrorvision’s vocalist Tony Wright as they start off on their Rocktober UK Tour.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing TV over the years at small venues such as the long gone and still missed, The Venue in Edinburgh to watching them bouncing around the brand new second stage at Monsters Of Rock way back in 1994 right the way up to present day! They have never failed in getting the crowd moving and grooving….

Can you introduce the band for the readers please.

Hello readers, we are Terrorvision from Bradford. You know, ‘that tequila’ or before that we were that ‘whales and dolphins’ and if you’re still in doubt we are that band with the ‘doo wops’… the one before Hanson :{) 

How would you describe your musical style/sound?

It is rock’n’roll in every shape and form. My lad once asked why it is called rock’n’roll and I told him cos it is like life, it rocks and it rolls. He says that we play “unstable“ but I know what he means and he is right

What inspires you?

Life, people, good and bad. Driven by trying to prove that you get the best music from live gigs and thats where you see the honesty, where folk pour their hearts onto their sleeves and wear with pride. Its the reason why folk should cherish and support their local venues cos‘ if you don’t they disappear and then the djs will just play the drivel they are selling at ya. Inspiration is everywhere it is up to us how we translate that

Looking back at over 20 years of Terrorvision: What has been the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?  

Hurdles and challenges make you stronger for sure. We have worked with some great folk in the music industry and also some useless folk. It is usually the useless that cost the music the most but you deal with it by telling them you are passionate about music more than you are about having a deal. They can stick the deal and yeah, go down the pan. We still make music cos that is what we do and that is the best remedy or recourse for stuff like that. 

What would you say the lows and the highlights have been?

Playing the gigs has always been the highlights. Working in some great places with great people like Edwyn Collins and Gil Norton are high points.

The lows I suppose are what we refer to as hangovers. I once read a story about us being beaten up at a gig which was made up by a band milking some press I suppose which was kind of disappointing but kind of flattering as well.

Look for the positive y’see :{) 

How has the music industry change over the years? 

Its gone. The best thing is now that it once again belongs to the music fans and lovers. I really believe that even though the internet gives a lot of what we make away for free it is better than being sold some overpriced overplugged band that the business execs rate.

The labels are now run by music lovers who go to the cool venues as opposed to business execs that went to the right schools.

You released ‘Super Delux’ earlier this year to some stunning reviews. After nearly 11 years how hard, was it to get back to writing and recording the tracks?

It was easy peasy pudding and pie.

We got together to rehearse for the greatest hits tour and didn’t need to rehearse the songs cos they just flooded back. With a lot of spare time left at the end of the rehearsal we all did as we had done before and threw in the ideas we had. When we had worked the ideas up we thought it would cool to record them and when we heard the recording we thought it would be crazy not to put it out there.

It was amazing to see how many folk supported us and we even sat up there at number 4 in the download charts. We are now one of the most downloaded bands in Salford which makes me smile just saying that. It popped up on some big survey last month. 

My personal favourite TV albums are ‘How To Make.’. and ‘Formaldehyde’. ‘Discotheque Wreck’ all time fav TV song! Do you have a particular favourite TV album/track? 

I love Alice. I think it sums up Terrorvision to a tee but I would agree with yourself that HTMF really did a lot for us. I liked good to go as it allowed us to rock out and I love Super Delux as its so obviously is a top rocker and Terrorvision. It felt like a real deep breath after nearly suffocating. 

You have just started the Rocktoberfest Tour. What have you got planned for you fans?

We will give all that we have to give and feed from their enthusiasm. I don’t think there could be another band that has fans like ours. They give back and push us all the way and that makes playing such an honour I can’t explain. As we say in the song…’we couldn’t be us if it wasn’t for them’. It takes me a good few days to recover everytime but at least I am healing with a smile on my face and memories of something so special. 

After the tour what is next for you guys? 

Personally I am gigging and writing with my other band ‘LaikaDog’, I think Mark will be out with ‘The Broken Hearts Club Band’ and some time to recover from the TV tour of course.  

Any messages you would like to pass on to the readers.

If you find any money on the floor its mine :{) but if you find it at our gig you can have it 

Thank you very much for taking the time out to filling this in J

No probs, thanks for having us …. Tone


Catch the guys on tour – October 2012:

18th The Fleece – Bristol

19th Northumbria Uni Student Union – Newcastle

20th The Garage – Glasgow

25th The Tivoli – Buckley

26th Rock City – Nottingham

27th HMV Ritz – Manchester








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