Terrorvision review, Rock City, Nottingham 26/10/12

I have seen Terrorvision on a couple of occasions before, both at festivals, so this is the first time I get to witness the Terrorvision party atmosphere at one of their own shows and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. You know that you are about to watch a band that do not take themselves too seriously when you have tracks like ‘Daddy Cool’ playing before they come on.

The band launch straight into Discotheque Wreck and All The Girls Wanna Dance which immediately gets the crowd bouncing and singing along, although none more so than singer Tony Wright who jumped around the stage like an energizer bunny on speed which is something that continues throughout the whole set.

Tony reminds us that they are of course, from Bradford and that they first played Rock City back in 1991, before getting the whole place once again bouncing to My House. The banter between the band and the crowd continues, but in no way affects the pace of the set. Some bands tend to prattle on too much between songs, but not these guys.

All the hits are played such as American TV, Tequila, Middleman, Josephine, and my own personal favourites, Pretend Best Friend and D’Ya Wanna Go Faster. The crowd reacted so positively to the superb blend of the old classics and the newer tracks, whilst needing no encouragement at all throughout their energetic set, to join in with singing and bouncing along. There was definitely a feel goods party buzz going on here tonight!

Throughout the set, there continues to be much bouncing and dancing from a hot and sweaty crowd who like the band, didn’t drop the energy levels for one second. Let’s face it, you don’t go to a Terrorvision to stand still!!! (I had planned on taking some notes of the gig as it went on, but that idea went out the window once I got swept up in the atmosphere of the gig. Straight into the middle of the crowd and joining in was the only way it was going to go!!)

It really is great to see a band that have been going for so long, still really enjoy what they are doing. You certainly can’t accuse them of just “going through the motions”. How much longer can they keep going with the same level of energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment of performing? A whole lot longer I hope!!!

If I was asked to describe tonight’s gig in just 2 words, I would have to use the immortal words of Tony Wright…. “SHIT HOT!”


Discotheque Wreck
All The Girls Wanna Dance
My House
Urban Space Crime
Alice What’s the Matter
American TV
Friends and Family
Come Home Beanie
Didn’t Bleed Red
This Drinking Will Kill Me
On a Mission
Some People Say
If I Was You
Demolition Song
Pretend Best Friend

D’Ya Wanna Go Faster
Celebrity Hitlist


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