The Answer interview with Cormac Neeson, May 2014

Planetmosh chat with Cormac Neeson, vocalist from The Answer about their latest tours, album and more…

Your latest album ‘New Horizon’ came out in September, how has the reception been? The album ‘Rise’ broke the market for you guys, opening a lot of doors and the reaction to the album was encouraging. What “horizon” can you see this record taking The Answer?  

the answerIt’s been going down well with our fans and I think we’ve made some new ones as well so we’re pretty happy about that. We just wanna keep making quality music for ourselves and for anyone who wants to listen to it.

The Answer on tour again after a couple months break from the last European tour, how is it going? You have visited a few smaller places here in the UK like York with more intimate venues…

Great tour. Hot, sweaty, intimate rock can’t go wrong.

From the looks of things The Answer will be heavily touring. Where will you be heading next?

We’re doing a bunch of festivals in the Summer including Download which we’re particularly excited about.

You recently had an acoustic session down in London. For those of us that couldn’t make it how was it? What was the set list and why did you decide to pick those songs and if songs were adapted into acoustic versions why those ones?

A lot of our songs actually work quite well stripped down which is weird for hard assed rock and blues. I personally enjoy it because I don’t have to shout over the rest of the guys to be heard.

I like the whole drinking session online, a video for every track on the album… can we look forward for this to be released as a visual album?  

They can all be viewed on our website at the moment .As you can probably tell..they were a lot of fun to make.

The title track video has been said by your lead singer Cormac Neeson “The concept of the video was based on an altered perception of reality and the inner struggle of the mind. Our birdman has some serious issues but eventually manages to conquer his demons!” Did this man conquer his demons through the power of rock and roll? Haha.


Cormac Neeson The AnswerDoes this concept flow through the rest of the album? What is it around the album that needs to be visually seen through video?

Not really. The songs and their message are what they they are. A video is a good chance to re-enforce what we’re trying to say.

You worked with Storm Thorgerson for the album art work. The man who has designed for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and many other iconic bands. How was it thriving in a creative and abstract mind of Thorgerson?

It was a privilege.

So I hear of cover versions being made of Rory gallagher’s ‘Cradle Rock’, Danzig’s ‘Snakes of Christ’ and two new executions of the new tour’s namesake track ‘Road Less Travelled’, looking to be released on the 7th of April this year, tell us more?

They’re all on the digital package of our new single “New Horizon”. We like to play about with other people’s songs for a change when it comes to b sides. It’s a really strong bundle of songs should check it out.

And last but not least, to the guys that have performed at some outstanding line ups and done great concerts. What to you is a rock and roll gig?

A band and their audience giving it everything they’ve got.

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