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The Buzniks – The Buzniks

The Buzniks

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On January 3, 2019
Last modified:January 1, 2019


This is an album that really stands up well to repeated listens

The Buzniks are a new band formed in 2017 by Squeeze bassist John Bentley. While he’s known for his work with Squeeze, he nearly didnt join them as he auditioned to join Suzi Quatro’s band the same day he auditioned for Squeeze, and was offered both jobs. He chose Squeeze though and spent several years with them in the 80s and when the band reformed in 2007 after a few years break, he rejoined them before leaving again in 2015. Away from Squeeze, he’s worked with Elvis Costello, Paul Young, Sting and Keith Emerson.

It’s an album that’s got a definite 50s/60s rock and roll feel to it – but with a modern twist. It’s a sound that will certainly appeal to classic rock and roll lovers but it doesn’t feel dated – it’s more a case of classic rock and roll brought up to date.

Check out “Nail it to the floor”..

It’s quite a varied album musically, but the songs are all great and this is an album that really stands up well to repeated listens. I’ve been listening to the album for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. An album that’s well worth checking out.

“The Buzniks” is out now/

Track listing:

1. Deadbeat
2. About you
3. Last train
4. Gymnopedie No.1
5. I got nothing to lose
6. Nail it to the floor
7. Rockababy
8. Lost in the wind
9. 43 years
10. Waiting for the end of the world
11. I know now

This is an album that really stands up well to repeated listens

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