The Electric Lady – ‘Black Moon’ cd review.

The Electric Lady is a Rock band in the truest sense of the word, hailing from Finland and formed in it’s latest guise in 2007, the band belt out Hard Rock with amazingly catchy melodic hooks for fun.
Singer and songwriter Minna Ora creates songs which could easily sit comfortably in any of the last four decades, although to me I sense an 80’s tinge in the musical style not too dissimilar to a Pat Benetar or Stevie Nicks.
Stand out tracks such as ‘Secret Love’ and ’Who Cares’ gallop along in a high energy vein, whilst tracks such as ’Your Heart Is 100 Times Bigger Than Mine’ demonstrate a softer ballad approach, almost reminding me of No Doubt in some places.
The whole album though is held together by some superb musicianship, soul lifting guitars, emotion stirring piano solos and solid heart felt drumming, making this an absolute belter of a record. You could quite happily stick this in your convertible’s cd player and drive off into the sunset with a smile as wide as the Grand Canyon itself.
Highly recommended.

Out now via Ravenheart Music.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing.

1. Prelude ’Un Ange Dans La Tour’.
2. A Man Of That Kind.
3. Secret Love.
4. Your Heart Is 100 Times Bigger Than Mine.
5. Let It Rain.
6. You Can’t.
7. Through Ice And Snow.
8. Who Cares.
9. Waterproof.
10. Black Moon.
11. That’s The Way.

The Electric Lady are;

Minna Ora – Vocals.
Kari Ora – Guitars.
Pepe Lindholm – Drums.
Jussi Sinervo – Bass Guitar.
Samuli Jokinen – Keyboards.

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