The Fiction, ‘The Greatest Hits’ EP Review.

The Fiction are anomalous, challenging the conventions of  hard rock we immerse ourselves with today. They are a reflection of theatricality and maturity.  The Fiction are a three piece band, in the past they have experienced difficulties in having a lead vocalist, now they are three aspiring vocalists sharing the melody light. This band have only been together about a year now and  have developed immensely, creating a sound that is fresh and bold. The fiction was born in the heart of Manchester, taking on the city with an artistic 1900s band personae.
Over the past few months The Fiction have been very productive in producing their ‘The Greatest Hits’ EP. It is a four track EP with intense harmonic tones and invasion of attitude, starting with ‘ The Union ‘ bringing in one hefty riff from Michael Johnson, complimented by a groovacious rhythm. The song builds up to what you think will be an exploding solo, but this a torment for the listener as where you think the solo is about begin the chorus returns but then only to be astounded by an unpredictable  finish of a solo.
‘ Never Enough’ is a song that has an identity of it’s own, it opens up to a more heavier metal approach with addictive hooks and a pounding back line. It has a playful balance of volume and intensity, using cymbals for emphasis.  The lyrics are catchy and expressive touching on themes of pain and reinforce.
Now for a softer touch we are introduced with ‘ World’s Apart’ with an acoustic start it brings you on a journey of heartache and dreams, musically takes the mind into it’s own imaginary universe. This song speaks truth and I feel this reflects their utter most maturity in musicianship.  Vocal’s are diverse with a high range of vocal harmonies, with moments of clean guitar and a mix of distortion, gripping the listeners attention.
The Fiction finish their EP with ‘Bragging Rights’ with a ‘hit in your face’ riff and ballsy lyrics, you will be singing along in no time. It is fast, loud and aggressive, with a groovy bass line and a striking beat from Aaron Stanton. Overall their EP is clever, imaginative and damn right rock and roll. [9/10]

Jim – Bass/Vocals
Aaron Stanton- Drums/Vocals
Michael Johnson – Guitar/

‘ The Greatest Hits ‘ EP Playlist
The Union
Never Enough
Worlds Apart
Bragging Rights

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