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The Hot Damn!

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On 3 December 2021
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Some like it hot? We like it damn hot by The Hot Damn!

The Hot Damn! Billed as an all-female rock supergroup but judging by their performance on latest single ‘I Didn’t Like You Anyway’ released today on December 3rd 2021 via Rock People Management, I’m inclined to say they are more like a fiesty fantastic four!

Their debut single ‘Dance Around’ was a bright and breezy dancefloor filling pop punk blink and you’ll miss it party starter but the mood here darkens as they pronounce this new single as “Your new favourite break up anthem”.

It opens up seismically with tribal drum pounds, earworm riffing as the vocals from Gill Montgomery get more venomous with a pre chorus rant of “Well thank you sir, there’s nothing greater, don’t mug me off I’ll see you later”. The songs title is repeated for vitriolic choruses that give hope after a love that is lost.

A midsection pause for breath comes from a laid back guitar solo and an adrenaline rush outro of a full band vocalled chorus ends on a tongue in cheek snigger.

Purchase links to ‘I Didn’t Like You Anyway’ and band links are here :- I I I I I I

The Hot Damn! band line up :-

Gill Montgomery – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Josie O’ Toole – Drums.

Laurie Buchanan – Guitar.

Lzi Hayes – Bass Guitar.

Some like it hot? We like it damn hot by The Hot Damn!

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