The Hotel Ambush – Condemned (E.P)


In a few short years this South Wales based metalcore band have gone from being virtual unknowns to a band poised on the brink of success with videos featured on both Scuzztv and Kerrang! and support slots with the likes of Whileshesleeps, Anterior, Throats, Malefice, Glamour Of The Kill and Exit Ten to name but a few.

Opening track “Turning Tides” sets the scene for this technical, polished yet brutal sonic attack.

“No More Second Chances”, “Echoes” and the beast of a track “Bury Tomorrow” continue with blistering brake neck speed until “Dreaming” kicks in. The acoustic track itself is not bad but you do question it’s inclusion on this otherwise faultless e.p.

Thankfully “Cutting The Ties” returns things to how they should be with its opening guitar/vocal salvo reminding me of Cradle of Filth’s very underrated “No Time To Die” cover,  before “Run From The Dead” leaves you wanting more.

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The Highlight of this e.p is the beast of a track “Cutting The Ties” closely followed by “Bury Tomorrow”

Video for Bury Tomorrow

Bury Tomorrow

Video for Turning Tides:

Turning Tides

Rating: 7/10

Track Listing:

1. Turning Tides;
2. No More Second Chances;
3. Echoes (From Within);
4. Bury Tomorrow;
5. Dreaming;
6. Cutting The Ties;
7. Run From The Dead;

Lee Newbold – Vocals, Adam Winstone – Guitar & Vocals, Jamie Thomas – Guitar, Kieron Fletcher – Bass, Matthew Reece – Drums


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