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On July 11, 2020
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A truly stunning album.

In September 2019 I was asked to review what was to be my then most challenging album, The Gereg. It was by Mongolian band The HU, it blew me away and changed my views towards songwriting.

Formed in 2016 in Ulaanbaatar, they sing in their native tongue using khoomei (throat singing) and playing traditional instruments, tsuur (flute), morin khuur (horse head fiddle), tovshuur (Mongolian guitar), tumur khuur (jaw harp) as well as bass guitar and drums.

On July 10th 2020 they will release a deluxe edition of The Gereg on Better Noise Music. It’s the original album but with six extra re-worked songs from it. Three feature guest vocalists and three are the band acoustically. The results are truly astonishing and a very rewarding listen.

Wolf Totem’ features Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach who adds a roaring edge to the song. As if it could not get any more intense than the original, he adds the magic dust to it with a captivating delivery.

Yuve Yuve Yu’ sees Danny Case from nu-metal band From Ashes To New make his mark. It’s an inspired vocal as he swoops and roars with aplomb, adding an extra edge to the already powerful opus.

My pick of the three comes from ‘Song Of Women’. Lzzy Hale from Halestorm makes the song even more ethereal with a spine-tingling performance as she delivers with an incredible range. Very cathartic. A video came out in May, a month filled with events honouring women in the US. Lzzy said

“I’m so thankful to The HU for welcoming me, my words and my melody into this song”.
The HU – Song of Women feat. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm (Official Music Video)

‘Shereg Shereg’, the first acoustic is a musical monolith and surely a contender for the eighth wonder of the World! There is so much to take in here, it took repeated plays for it to be figured out. A hypnotic pound gives a pulse to a full-on throat singing masterclass.

The Hu – Shireg Shireg (Acoustic Performance)

‘Yuve Yuve Yu’ is stripped down to its bare bones. This format gives it a folk-rock vibe as it merrily jigs along to melt the coldest of hearts.

Final track ‘Shoog Shoog‘ is a hypnotic hoedown. Through headphones, the dexterous musicianship is mesmerizing! The deluxe album is on 2xCD format, a 2xLP red vinyl gatefold sleeve and digital formats.

On the same day as the album release, The HU is sharing a special film ‘The HU: Road To The Gereg‘, looking back at the making of The Gereg, features and accomplishments on the way. Plus unseen footage from tour life, video sets and live performances.

The special also includes narrative from the band and collaborators on their music, Mongolian culture and the evolution of The HU’s customized traditional instruments, symbolism and presentation.

The Gereg (deluxe edition) album track listing :-

The Gereg.

Wolf Totem.

The Great Chinggis Khan.

The Legend Of Mother Swan.

Shoog Shoog.

The Same.

Yuve Yuve Yu.

Shireg Shireg.

Song Of Women.

Wolf Totem (featuring Jacoby Shaddix).

Yuve Yuve Yu (featuring Danny Case).

Song Of Women (featuring Lzzy Hale).

Shireg Shireg (acoustic).

Yuve Yuve Yu (acoustic).

Shoog Shoog (acoustic).

The HU band line up :-

Enkush – Lead morin khuur/throat singer.

Jaya – Jaw harp/tsuur/throat singer.

Gala – Lead throat singer/morin khuur.

Temka – Tovshuur/backing vocals.

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A truly stunning album.

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