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The Soap Girls – The Live Rooms, Chester – 28/07/19

I have lived close to Chester all my life but have never been to the Live Rooms to support live music until tonight. Should I be forgiven? I’m not so sure. But yet another cracking little venue is now edged in my head and I will definitely be going back.

We were located in the lower, smaller venue of the two that the Live Rooms has. With a capacity of 250 people, plenty of seats, room for Merch and a bar that you never had to wait long to be served, makes this room my sort of room.

First up were Spam Javelin. Why are Spam Javelin always on first???? These guys are one of the best sub-hardcore bands on the circuit and should never be on first!! They ploughed through their 30 minute set, playing lots of tracks from their just-released ‘The Crack Whores Of Betws Garmon‘ debut album, and were an absolute pleasure to watch. Currently on a mini tour in America, I can only predict big things for this trio. They never disappoint, and I for one am looking forward to seeing them at Crapfest next week.

Ellesmere Port based ‘Saltwater Injection‘ were something a little different. This young duo threw a manic wall of thrash/noise at us in the most bizarre fashion. It was screaming and shouting but it worked superbly live. Call it controlled mayhem, something just clicked and I for one really enjoyed what I heard.

And so to The Soap Girls. These girls really know how to put on a show. Forget about the lack of clothes and costumes, these girls can really play their instruments and have a great catalogue of music to back that up. Their anarchic style is refreshing and uplifting.

It wasn’t long before they had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Having just released their 3rd album ‘Elephant In The Room’,  it wasn’t surprising that this was plugged heavily. But there was a good mixture of old and new tracks. The Soap Girls say it as it is and I for one enjoyed their little chats with the audience in between songs. Giving direction to all who listened.

Tonight was a perfectly intimate gig in a great venue. Come back soon Soap Girls, Chester wants you back.

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