THE SONICS – Two UK Dates Announced

Since the birth of garage-rock/grunge, The Sonics, hailing from Tacoma, Washington, are one of the founding bands of Seattle’s’ music scene.  Having come from what was seen as the bands early retirement The Sonics returned to the stage to play 2 sold out shows in at the Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York. With their wild and unconventional playing styles the band have influenced many other artists to the present day including Mudhoney and Eagles of Death Metal.

The Sonics remain to this day, a band that created a sound so iconic that it inspires the lives of  aspiring musicians and multitudes of fans across the globe.  Sparking interest from international promoters, journalists and a multitude of dedicated and new fans to embrace the groups who’s music has inspired so many artists across the music scene. The Sonics return to play two exclusive shows in the UK in November.

The Sonics UK Dates

HMV Picture House Edinburgh  Tuesday 27th November 2012

HMV Ritz Manchester Wednesday 28th November 2012

Tickets are on sale now




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