The Treatment, Six hour sundown & No Americana – The Borderline, London – 6th September 2011

[media-credit id=4717 align=”aligncenter” width=”489″][/media-credit]No Americana opened the night’s entertainment.  The venue wasn’t very busy by the time they took to the stage but this young Birmingham band still gave it 100% and put in a good performance that went down well with the audience.


Six Hour Sundown were a bit late going on stage due to technical problems, but they were definitely worth the wait.  For those who don’t know, Six Hour Sundown is Lauren Harris’s new band (she formerly performed under her own name then as Lauren Harris band).  Unlike her previous band this one really is a proper band rather than a group of musicians there to back up a solo artist, and it shows tonight – their set tonight was in my opinion better than any of the occasions I’d seen her performing before.  Sadly the band had to cut the last song from their set (Silence when I scream) due to time constraints caused by the earlier technical difficulties.  I definitely look forward to seeing Six Hour sundown again.

Before The Treatment came on stage there was a presentation of an electric guitar to deal with.  Fans had been asked to dress as Medical personnel (Doctors and Nurses in other words) and an electric guitar was to be given to the best outfit on the night.  I’m glad I wasnt the person judging as there was some tough competition for the sexiest nurse, but a winner was picked and presented with a signed yamaha guitar.
Seconds after the prize winner left the stage, The Treatment were on stage and playing – keen to get through their set before the 11pm curfew.  By this stage the place was absolutely packed out, and when I went outside during the set to interview Lauren Harris and Olly Smith from Six Hour Sundown it was a struggle to get through the crowd.
After the interview I fought my way back into the venue to watch the rest of The Treatment’s set.  For those not familiar with The Treatment they are a young rock band from Cambridge who are definitely going places.  Tonight is the launch party for their album “This Might hurt”.  Originally issued last year on Powerage records, the album is actually being reissued by Spinefarm with two extra tracks.  As such its no surprise that the majority of the setlist tonight is made up of tracks from the album – 9 of them in fact.  I have to confess to not having heard the album yet, but following the bands great performance tonight then that is a situation that I will be remedying soon.  The Treatment close the night’s entertainment with a great cover of the Dr Feelgood classic “She does it right” (frankly I’m amazed a band this young have even heard of Dr Feelgood – I’d bet half the audience only know the name as a Motley Crue album, not as a band).

All in all tonight has been a great night – two superb bands (Six Hour Sundown & The treatment) and a good band that shows a lot of potential (No Americana)
Six Hour Sundown Setlist:

Shadow of my past
Smoke and mirrors
Blow out the candle
Live for freedom
All my life
Jekyll and Hyde

The Treatment setlist:

Drink fuck fight
Shake the mountain
The coldest place on earth
The Doctor
I fear nothing
Road rocket
Winter sun
Just tell me why
Nothing to lose but our minds
Way of the world

She does it right (Dr Feelgood cover)


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