Thormesis – Und Tod Von Leer Album Review


Hailing from Germany since 2006 Thormesis have released their third album Von Leer und Tod through AFM Records.

Track one is an intro the album. The track starts off with an eery feel but beautiful in the chord changes and guitar tone. Distorted guitars and a steady drum beat pick up the atmosphere and leave me wondering where the next track will take me.

Sterbend Herz starts off with with a generic guitar riff but once the pace picks up I start to get into it more. I am not sure what to think of the clean vocals, the screams and unclean vocals are amazing however. Nothing really catching my interest yet.

2.24 that is more like it! Faster paced and with an element of groove. Unfortunately that is the best part of the track for me.

In Den Nachten der Wiederkehr start with more promise and energy. Really enjoying the section 55 seconds in. The unclean screaming works well with the guitar tone, very atmospheric and groovy but slightly predictable.

Oh wow, 5.08 is completely different, stunning dreamy guitar tone, followed by an acoustic section, love that.

That is more like it! Turme des Schattens is more up my street, however it doesn’t grab me, there isn’t much more to say. The last minute of the track is powerful. There seems to depth the further into the album I listen.

Des Wolfes Letzter Gang again has more power and grit than the tracks before but still it somehow fails to completely draw me in.

My favourite track on the album was Lebensgang which unfortunately is a cover.

I think this band would be better taken in, in a live situation as there is plenty of atmosphere and dynamics in the music that I feel are lost on my computer speakers. There are elements of potential and raw black metal brutality mixed with interesting elements of groove. I enjoyed hearing the two together though I feel there was something missing for me.


Rating 7 out of 10


Band Lineup

Boggy Hanna: Low
Benny Rupp: Vocals, Guitar
Andy Bauer: Vocals, Drums
Konsy Kruger: Vocals, Guitar

Track Listing

1. Intro

2. Sterbend Herz

3. In Den Naechten Der Widerkehr

4. Tuerme The Schattens 05. Letzter The Wolfes Gang

6. Vom Leben Ggezeichnet

7. Leere Von Und Tod

8.Lebensgang (Grabfeld Cover)

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