Thunder – All The Right Noises

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On 1 April 2021
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Release date: 12/03/21
Running length: 48mins 31secs.
One of my favourite bands of all time have come full circle with this sensational album.

I’ve been following Thunder since the very start. I was one of two young lads. No money. No job. Armed with only a packet of fags and a ‘Buckley Boys On Tour ‘ banner which Danny proudly held aloft on stage at Manchester International 2 on their ‘Back Street Symphony ‘ tour. But somehow we managed to follow them around, get to know them, spend time in hotels after gigs with them, and even scrounged a lift off support band Jagged Edge from Sheffield to Kentish Town, London for the final date of the tour on 29th March 1990. Five months later Thunder destroyed Donnington.

So where do I start with this? I’m going to be bold, very bold, and say that I really think that this is the best Thunder album since Back Street Symphony. Please don’t think I’m dissing anything in between because I’m not. I loved ‘Laughing On Judgement Day ‘. Had every single, every 12inch etc, etc…. But when ‘Last One Out Turn Out The Lights ‘ starts, I get that same sensation I had when ‘She’s So Fine ‘ first appeared all those years ago. There’s a celebratory feel to this song with a punchy chorus and it is pure Thunder. And when Luke’s solo kicks in, well, say no more.

Destruction ‘ has a live ‘Dirty Love ‘ intro feel to it. If you’ve been there, then you’ll know. I’m loving Danny’s voice on this as it compliments the doomy main riff nicely. ‘The Smoking Gun ‘ is a perfectly executed harmony between Danny and Luke. Simple, yet atmospherically typical Thunder, beautifully crafted.

‘Going To Sin City ‘ gives us more rock ‘n’ roll, Thunder style. Another floor bouncer and a sure set-list entry, while ‘Don’t Forget To Live Before You Die ‘ has a slower, AC/DC juggernaut riff to it. But what Thunder are great at, and always have been, is stamping their trade on everything they do. This is a typical example. Luke & Ben’s guitar playing is as fresh and keen as it’s ever been.

I love ‘I’ll be the one ‘. Danny has an amazing way of toning his voice to any mood a track requires. What’s so great about this track? It’s a ballad. But not any ballad. It’s a Thunder ballad. I need say no more. Watch out for a Luke Morley solo special. Ben, apologies if you’re playing this as it’s hard to tell!!

‘Young Man ‘ has a T-Rex vibe going on whilst ‘You’re Gonna Be My Girl ‘ is a classic blues number painted by Thunder. I could go on, but I stand by my words at the start of this review. This is the best Thunder album since ‘Back Street Symphony ‘. You may agree, you may not, but one thing we can all agree on is that Thunder are as fresh, loud and as keen as ever. Yes. This album is typical Thunder, but isn’t that what we want? Post Covid tour please lads. Lovely.


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Release date: 12/03/21 Running length: 48mins 31secs. One of my favourite bands of all time have come full circle with this sensational album.

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