Tickets for Rockstadt Extreme Fest available worldwide

Due to demand from several places in Europe and Northern America, tickets for this year’s edition of Rockstadt Extreme Fest are now available worldwide via Ticketino.

You can purchase the ticket right here (, afterwards you can print it right in the comfort of your own home. The price for a ticket is 39.76 euros.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2015 will take place between the 12th and 15th of august, over 45 bands will come and play in the city of Rasnov, a particular place from the region of Transylvania and placed right in the heart of Romania, near the legendary Castle of Dracula.

Confirmed so far: MOONSPELL (staging “The Vintage Set” show), AT THE GATES (Sweden), MARDUK (Sweeden), COMBICHRIST (SUA), ENSIFERUM (Finland), KATAKLYSM (Canada), CARNIFEX (SUA), TAAKE (Norway), CATTLE DECAPITATION (SUA), WHITE WALLS (Romania), KRISIUN (Brazil), BE’LAKOR (Australia), SUICIDAL ANGELS (Greece), VULTURE INDUSTRIES (Norway, staging a special show, “The Babylon Spiral”), DIRTY SHIRT (Romania), DOWNFALL OF GAIA (Germany), HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY (Austria), JINJER (Ukraine), MINDTHREAT (Greece), FLESHWORLD (Poland), TACIT FURY (Russia), CARONTE (Italy), ABIGAIL (Romania), TIARRA (Romania), HOLY MOTORS (Romania), TRANSCEATLA (Romania), PINHOLES (Romania), SCARS OF A STORY (Romania), CLITGORE (Romania) and CRIMENA (Romania).

Besides good music and friendly people, you’ll be able to enjoy urban sports in a special area inside the festival site – the Adventure Metal Park, see movies in the dedicated outdoor cinema, set-up in collaboration with “Dracula Film Fest”, enjoy tasty food at low prices and surpass your personal drinking records with good beer at a very cheap price (aprox 1.3 euros). If you want to enjoy nature, you can admire the impressive wild landscape (it’s a mountainous area with beautiful wild woods, perfectly preserved) and check-out some unique touristic objectives, like: the Rasnov medieval fortress, the “Valley of the Citadel” Cave, the “LiBEARty” bear reservation from Zarnesti, a “Dinosaurs’ Theme Park” and Dracula’s Castle, of course.

The Rasnov medieval fortress which guards the festival site (placed right at the foot of the mountain) is considered to be built between 1211 and 1225, during the rule of Teutonic Knights in Burzenland. This citadel was part of a defence system for the Transylvanian villages exposed to outside invasions, but archaeological research revealed the existence of other fortification traces on the citadel hill, which date back to prehistoric and Dacian times (dated before Christ). So, those passionate about history, battles and legends will surely find this place beautiful and interesting.

Things will get even more breathtaking, as one may witness “live” fights and competitions between fierce medieval knights, which will take place in the valley of the festival, right next to everyone’s eyes. Those strong enough to challenge these valiant warriors will be warmly invited to show their bravery!

Last, but not least, the Dracula’s Castle awaits all those who want to go closer to the home of this legendary vampire. The Bran fortress (a Turkish name meaning “gate”), on its real name, started to be erected in 1211, by The Teutonic Knights (Ordo domus Mariae Sanctae Theutonicorum Hierosolimitanorum” – a catholic religious order formed in Palestine during the late 12th century by German crusaders) and was completed in 1388. The castle was built on a steep cliff as it had some strategic roles: to guard the commercial road passing by (it was also an important Transylvanian custom point – one of the important entering gates of Transylvania) and to protect the Eastern border of this region, in an attempt to stop the Ottoman Empire’s expansion. In short, this castle is the place to be for those willing to experience the history, the intrigue and the magic of this area filled with myths.

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