Tombstoned – Tombstoned (Svart Records)


A 6 track album, extending to over 42 minutes in total, Tombstoned have produced a collection of 6 epic tales of woe and doom for our delectation and delight. The band seem to undergo a musical transformation as we travel through this wicked wonderland; the first track ‘Through Days’ has a thoroughly classic rock guitar vibe running through it, with deep dark grungy guitarwork and almost fragile vocals. If Tombstoned were a fine wine, they would have notes of Deep Purple with elements of a cheeky Kasabian showing through – the fuzzy production (not a bad thing) seemingly placing Kenneth ‘Bullet’ Nylund in a grungy cupboard of his own, straining to be heard from within the darkness.
‘Daze of Disintegration’ sees our doom based beverage develop into a Love & Rockets vibe – a couple of tempo changes from within give the tune variety and more interest than many doom merchants would provide.
By tracks three (Rat Race)and four(The End) Bullet’s vocals have transformed into a semi Cure/Robert Smith homage – uniquely so for a Finnish doom quintet. Each track inhabits a world of its’ own, with fuzzboxed flangy guitar work being the glue that holds the entire opus together. It’s as if Uncle Bob has packed up his troubles in a great big bag and has taken off to Helsinki to find his inner misery.
Last Waltz, the final track, brings the fun to a close in a psychedelic haze of plodding bass and tremolo bending guitar magic – Sergio Leone would have a field day and maybe even Tarantino would be interested in this one. The album encompasses all that is good about Doom and Psych-rock – all in one little measure. Marvellous.
1. Through Days
2. Daze of Disintegration
3. Rat Race
4. The End
5. Faded
6. Last Waltz

Released on Svart Records November 14th


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