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I had the privilege of catching up with Lofft’s vocalist Torger Neuhaus after I reviewed their debut album The Bitterness Of Life’,  to find out more about the band how they began etc, touring and what their plans are and so on.


When was Lofft formed?
LOFFT was formed in 2002, so we are having the 10th anniversary this year.

How did the band come together?
3 friends (Carsten/Bass plus first singer and drummer) wanted to play some new stuff, change their old music into something more modern. Heiko joined the group and the madness took its way……

Is the current line up the original one? If not, what changes have been made?
Puh, there have been some changes over the years. Heiko (Guit) and Carsten are the only founding members, the rest has changed. I am the singer no. 4, and screaming with LOFFT now since 2005. Meik is drummer no. 4, on board since 2010. And Pepe is the third guy playing the other guitar.

Your debut album ‘The Bitterness Of Life’ has been on sale almost a year now. Have you got any material written for a 2nd album?
Oh yes, we are currently in the writing and also the pre-recording process already. We can´t wait to release some new stuff soon, because there are some real smashers coming along with our new material. But for sure we have to say that there are far too many ears that haven´t heard The Bitterness Of Life yet, so they have to get a chance, too. J 

Who are Lofft’s musical influences?
We all have a guitar orientated background. All different sorts of awesome noise have been heard through the years. Some of the members are more Metal than the others, some are more Alternative or Punk. We don´t have concrete idol bands, but some names were mentioned again and again while people were asked how they would compare us. Papa Roach, Nickelback, Linkin Park and even Faith No More. We can live with all of them J

I have read that you tour heavily. Mainly support or headlining?
We are doing both, support shows and also headliners. We actually don´t tour over weeks. We are mostly playing club shows, festivals and long weekends, so more small rides on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for example.

As a support band, what has been your most enjoyable tour so far?
We played great shows with fantastic artists as Mayfield, Counterpoint, Intwine or Jeff Scott Soto. We cannot decide which was the most enjoyable, we had loads of fun in all oft them.

Have you toured the UK before? If not, any plans to do so?
No, unfortunately we haven´t left Europe so far. But it would be a pleasure for us to tour the UK or to share the UK stages maybe with our friend Jay Bartlett from Counterpoint/Cervello or other great artists. We could also live with a support for the Lost Prophets, or Iron Maiden (kneeling down) J

What is your favourite live album and studio album by other artists?
A Real Live One / Iron Maiden

Three Days Grace / Life Starts Now

Just to name two real great albums, there are too many to just pick out one…


Thank you Torger for taking the time out to complete this interview.

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