Tracer – the Underworld – 03.11.11

Right where do I start? Yeah good place the beginning….

Tracer hail from Adelaide and they are a three piece rock outfit made up of Leigh Brown – Bass and Vocals, Michael Brown – Guitars and Vocals, Andre Wise – Drums and bring a sound something like a lethal cocktail of Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and Pearl jam shaken up to perfection with a drop of Audioslave to give it an extra kick served loud and with enough enthusiasm too sink a proverbial ship.

On this very night (3rd November 2011) the band’s new album “Spaces in Between” was released and what better to celebrate than with a show at the illustrious Underworld in Camden. This particular venue is one I love for its intimacy but not their bar prices (think I may have said that before).

The crowd were clearly there to see the headliners however this review is for Tracer and by the end of their opening track the sold out crowd was eating from the boys hands.  You must forgive me at this point as I was having too much fun that I completely missed the set list completely however the first single “Too Much” from the new album was definitely in there and it’s a perfect example of the cocktail I spoke of earlier, this track builds in to a fast paced neck breaker from a rolling high hat/ bass/ guitar melodic intro, with vocals soaring on the chorus.

I cannot recommend this band enough both seen them live and having listened to the album(other stand out tracks for me are “Devil Ride”, “Push” and the title track “Spaces In Between” however that isn’t to say that there’s any filler on this album and I suggest you all head over to a website and buy it immediately, unfortunately for us London was their last UK show on this tour so we’ll have to wait until they return to our shows for the next slab of live Tracer!

Rating: A very healthy 8.5/10


Tracer on Facebook

Official Tracer website

Album available here

All photo’s courtesy of Anthony May.

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