Triaxis – Rage & Retribution

Triaxis are finally back with the long awaited follow up to their 2008 debut album (Key to the kingdom).  Whereas the debut album was self released, for this new album, Triaxis have signed to Rocksector records.  Since releasing their debut album Triaxis have been busy touring at regular intervals as well as writing the new material.  One of the songs on the new album, “Sker Point” has been part of their live set for some time now and always goes down well with the crowd.  Most recently the band played an acoustic set at this years Bloodstock festival, and they have already been announced for three festivals next year – Hammerfest, Wizzfest (Belgium) and SCARfest.

So, on to the important question – is the new album any good?  The short answer is Yes it’s great.

You’ve got eleven songs, with a total running time of 53 minutes – pretty long for an album these days, with almost all the tracks being over four minutes in length, and two over 6 minutes long (one of those is actually around seven and a half minutes long).  The new album sounds better than the first in pretty much every way and shows how the band really have progressed in the last few years.  Change is always essential or a band ends up just remaking the same album again and again, but equally it’s risky as a change in sound can win them new fans but also alienate fans who preferred the older sound.  Happily Triaxis have managed to do that difficult balancing act – to move on musically but without losing their original sound that won them their fans.

Brief comments on a few tracks

The album opens with “Sand & Silver” – a good heavy track which gets the album off to a great start.  It’s definitely got that familiar Triaxis sound but is probably heavier than most stuff they’ve done before.

“Sker point” is instantly recognisable to anyone who’s seen Triaxis play live in the last year or two with its very distinctive guitar work at the beginning.

“Some things are worth dying for” is the longest song on the album at over seven and a half minutes.  It certainly doesn’t feel that long which is a good sign – if a song starts to drag then its too long.  This definitely isn’t too long.  We get a short bit of acoustic guitar which a keyboard backing before the acoustic guitar is replaced with powerful electric guitars and the drums start pounding furiously.  Mirroring the start, the song closes with Krissie singing along to an acoustic guitar with the same keyboard sound in the background. It’s an excellent song – one of my favourites on the album.

As for the rest of the tracks – well you’ll have to listen to the album yourself and see what they’re like.  I suggest you start by getting yourselves over to the Rocksector website where you can currently get a free download of “Under blood red skies”.

A great album that Triaxis fans will love, and it’s definitely good enough to win them plenty of new fans too.

Rage & Retribution is out on October 8th via Rocksector records


Rating:  9/10

Triaxis are:

Krissie Kirby – Vocals
CJ Hale – Guitar
Glyn Williams – Guitar
Owen Crawford – Bass
Giles Wilson – Drums

Track listing:

1. Sand & silver
2. Black trinity
3. The infected
4. Asunder
5. And shadows creep
6. XGP
7. Under blood red skies
8. Sker point
9. Reunion
10. The butcher
11. Some things are worth dying for

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